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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art Lynch CSN Teaching Schedule Spring, 2010..all are COM 101

C 228
Art Lynch
C 228
Art Lynch
Art Lynch

E 238
Art Lynch

BC 108
Art Lynch

Do not use Banfield Pet Hospital, they could care less about you!

It took many phone calls to get the company Banfield uses for their "life-wellness plan." On the phone we were told by a PR flack that they would close the account and we would not be charged for the six months following our aged and beloved Winston's death. Months later we are still being charged, despite that promise. We are also being charged for our other dog, whom we cancelled at the same time.

Winston passed away July 24 and we are still paying for his "health care" six months later!

When a bill comes for the health of a loved one who has passed away and keeps coming, and corporate double speak keeps billing you, then to stop you from publicly complaining a PR flack promises a pay off and stop of payments that no matter how much you call is not followed through on...

That is a company NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

Health Care Reform Package will save jobs and consumers' money

Do not believe the rhetoric.

Something said over and over again across tables, on the isles of Congress, on FOX News or in e-mails may not be true.

Repetition may be one way to learn, but it is also a way to effective propaganda.

Repealing health care legislation passed by the previous Congress will cost Americans over 200 billion next ten years, and over 300 billion the ten years after that.

Premium increases are not a result of the law, unless insurance companies are artificially increasing prices. The things that will reduce health care premiums will not kick in until 2015.

Medicare premiums are not Obama's doing, but something that has been around for a long long time...part of the old system.

Coverage of emergency and other doctors is not limited any more than under existing policies. In fact coverage will be expanded and include closest qualified practitioner.

There are not "death panels" in any of the legislation. Current insurance programs serve more as "death panels" in denial of coverage and limitations on coverage amounts or types.

The health care bill increases jobs over the next decade, the reverse of what Republicans claim is happening.

The non-patrician Congressional Budget Office, the Pew Charitable Trust and the American Research Center all are in agreement on the facts above, which go directly opposite to claims being made by Republicans and the strongly held beliefs of Tea Partiers.

The average of numerous surveys reflect that 90%  of Republicans are against "Obamacare", with 60% of the American people in favor of the law, and about the same percentage among Democrats (those who say the bill is not good among Democrats mostly feel that the bill does not go far enough).

The reason so many people feel that Americans "demand repeal" and that "Americans do not like the health care bill" come from proximity's and the ethnocentric tendency to project the beliefs and actions of those around you, your group, onto others.

Tracked over time and averaged the law sits at 54% favor, still with most Americans in favor of it. That is a majority, but not one that cannot be changed, as Republicans and big business are well aware of.

When you break the reform into its parts, the results are most all Americans like some portion of it. The problem is that without the economy of everyone being required to buy insurance the savings and implementation of these other provisions cannot cost-effectively be done.

Some of the provisions that 70% or an even greater percentage of Americans "like" are: 

1. That young adults can remain on their parents health care plans, 

2. That there are no life time limits on amount paid out by insurance companies, 

3. The end of discimination for pre-existing conditions, putting women on an equal payment level with men (just being a woman was on considered prior to Obamacare as a pre-existing condition). 

4. A lowering of overall health care premiums (through the addition of the reasonably healthy pool who currently do not have insurance).

Whether you believe this or is depends on whether you are set in your beliefs or willing to believe non-patrician, neutral audits and projections.

The so-called "Obamacare" will lower the cost of health care and ensure that no one goes without care, something even out "Cadillac" expensive policies cannot guarantee.

Richard J Daley's youngest son named White House Chief of Staff

A man both critical and supportive of President Obama, who is respected by the Chamber of Commerce and many conservatives, has been named the new Chief of Staff for President Obama. William M Daley, Bill Daley, served in the Clinton Administration, is a senior executive at JP Morgan- Chase, and is considered moderate.

Obamacare is constitutional: Congress and Constitutional Limits

The new House leadership reads the U.S. Constitution on the floor of Congress. We look at what's going on with the founding document. Guests: Randy Barnett of Georgetown Law Center; Dahlia Lithwick of Slate; Akhil Reed Amar of Yale University; Charles Fried of Harvard Law School.

The panel discussed all sides of the issue, but the end point was that health care is commerce and within the powers of the government set in the constitution. We buy insurance, we pay doctors and other medical care, which is by definition is commerce. 

Also a discussion of the intent of the Constitution, as stated by Thomas Jefferson and supported by some of our great Chief Justices, is a fluid document used as a guideline not a bible. 

The one prohibition is to not do anything specifically prohibited within the constitution without amending the document. 

There is no prohibition against what the last congress did nor most (but not all) of the actions previous congresses. 

And there is a check and balance, although it was not envisioned to be as patrician as it has become...the courts.

For more on "On Point" click here.

Be a part of a televised awards celebrity red carpet!


Auction Will Benefit the 
SAG Foundation’s Public Children’s Literacy Programs 

LOS ANGELES (January 3, 2011) - The Screen Actors Guild Awards® online auction to benefit the SAG Foundation is offering Red Carpet Fan Bleacher Seats at now through Jan. 10. This second auction in this year’s SAG Awards® three-part auction series features 90 seats from which fans can see their favorite stars walk the SAG Awards red carpet, take pictures and request autographs. Up for bid during the Red Carpet Bleacher Auction are 15 sets of two seats and 15 sets of four seats. 

The SAG Awards Auctions benefit the SAG Foundation to help make possible the Foundation's public children's literacy programs: BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) and Storyline Online. The auction also supports Foundation programs providing emergency relief to SAG members in economic distress, video and audio preservation of the creative legacy of SAG members, scholarships for performers and their children, emergency funds for members with catastrophic illnesses and The Actor’s Center. Details are available at and

The Ceremony Auction, the third and final auction that will revolve around the nominated actors and ensembles, will start Jan. 27 and close on Jan. 31. In previous years the auction has included autographed scripts and posters, wardrobe and props and set visits to studios. This auction will also offer great items and experiences from the hot, up-to-the minute entertainment news outlets, including “E! News,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra” and TV Guide Network. Also up for bid will be SAG Awards memorabilia including tote bags, hats and this year’s production team gift. Additional auction items will be announced throughout January.

17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® honoring the outstanding film and television performances of 2010 will be simulcast live on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. (ET), 7 p.m. (CT), 6 p.m. (MT) and 5 p.m. (PT). 

The Screen Actors Guild Awards auction to benefit the SAG Foundation is managed by Clothes Off Our Back at and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Source: Screen Actors Guild.

Disney stock hits 10-year high

LA Times Company Town Blog (click here)

Disney dream
A trio of favorable analyst reports propelled shares in Walt Disney Co. to a 10-year high Wednesday.
Excitement about Disney's theme parks and cable networks were a motivating factors behind some of the reports. Goldman Sachs added Disney to its "conviction buy" list Tuesday, and Morgan Stanley and Caris & Co. increased their earnings estimates for the company's fiscal first quarter, which ended in December.
Goldman Sachs analyst James Mitchell wrote that the theme parks are rebounding from a period of no growth, thanks to renewed consumer spending. The addition of a pair of new cruise ships to the Disney line -- the first of which, the Disney Dream, makes its maiden voyage Jan.  26 -- will also improve revenue and margins, he predicted. The fourth vessel launches in 2012.
The revenue picture is also improving with the cable networks group, which includes ESPN and the Disney Channel, Goldman wrote.
Trading in Disney stock flirted with $40 on Wednesday before closing up 97 cents, or 2.5%, at $39.96. 
Photo: The Disney Dream, Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, arrives in Port Canaveral, 

Live TV on your iPad, Cutting the Cord, Oscar raises prices, Didgital SAG

Live TV on Your iPad: In an effort to follow its subscribers onto portable devices, Comcast Corp, the nation's largest cable-television and broadband provider, says it plans to stream live TV to Apple Inc.'s iPad and other tablet computers powered by Google Inc.'s Android software. The service, available later this year, would convert the iPad into another viewing screen in the home. This would allow subscribers to watch news, television shows and movies on the device -- presumably while the big screen is displaying some other programming or in a room where -- God forbid -- they don't have a television. Of course, you already have to be paying for Comcast's cable service for access.
CES Begins in Las Vegas: The nation's largest consumer electronics show opens today (Thursday) in Las Vegas. SAG members may buy discounted tickets, or if you know a vendor you may be able to get a show floor pass. Full event tickets include specific events (some "sold" separately) and the massive floor exhibit space.
Hard to get happy after that one. "An onslaught of digital technologies has laid waste to traditional media," declares the Wall Street Journal in a piece previewing what's ahead for media and telecommunications in 2010. The big challenge, as we all know, is "how will TV networks and cable companies make up for the cash they will lose if viewers 'cut the cord' and look for shows on the Web?" One assumes that the same people who put shows on TV are the same ones who put them on the Web (except the pirates, of course) and they will somehow find a way to make consumers pay. After all, why would anyone make people pay to get content on one platform and give it away in another? Oh, wait a minute. Never mind.

Fighting back. For an industry that says it isn't worried about people cutting the cord to their cable, pay-TV distributors are spending a lot of time figuring out ways to offer their services on new platforms beyond the TV. Have an iPad? Subscribe to Comcast? Now you can watch TV on your iPad at home. Of course, if you have a TV at home, why would you watch it on the iPad? Bottom line is that it is the content owners who ultimately decide where their stuff is available (except for piracy, of course) and the incumbent distributors are trying to protect their status as gatekeepers to entertainment. An overview from the Los Angeles Times.
Holding off on that new set. Despite all the hype around televisions with 3-D and Internet capabilities, consumers aren't rushing off to buy new sets. Many folks have already made the move to flat screens and high definition and are not ready to stomach another big investment in home entertainment. The New York Times on the state of TV sales.
Hollywood travels well. Overseas box office hit the $20-billion mark in 2010. According to Variety, China's box office was up over 60%. However, France and Japan were flat while other European countries were down. Among the studios, Warner Bros. was on top with $2.93 billion, followed by 20th Century Fox, which was a close second with $2.90 billion.
Opening doors. Youku, a Chinese online video company, has bought the streaming rights from Warner Bros. for the hit movie "Inception." China, of course, is more known for being a haven for pirated content. Like sites in the U.S., Youku is trying to move away from free content with advertising to a pay model. More on the potentially groundbreaking deal from the Wall Street Journal.
Can I do you a favor? Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), who is the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is reaching out to various industries, including broadcast television, to see what regulations they feel are stunting growth. More from Broadcasting & Cable, which said the cable industry's D.C. trade association had not had contact with Issa yet. Well, maybe the letter got lost in the mail.
Separate but equal. Walt Disney Co. has tapped an executive to oversee women and family for its Interactive Media Group, per the Hollywood Reporter. Brooke Chaffin, a former Yahoo executive, was given the unusual title of "senior vice president of women and family." Let me know who gets my application for the position of senior vice president of men and bachelors.
Inside the Los Angeles Times: "Twilight" cleans up at the People's Choice Awards. "Black Swan" and "The King's Speech" show Hollywood what a little patience can do.
OWN already paying off. You didn't think we'd let a day go by without a story about the Oprah Winfrey Network did you? Discovery Communications, Winfrey's partner in OWN, is anticipating the channel turning a profit in its first year. Details from the New York Times.
Not so blue after all. The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York tossed a $1.4-million indecency fine the FCC had slapped on ABC and many of its affiliates for a 2003 episode of "NYPD Blue." In the episode, actress Charlotte Ross, who was playing Dennis Franz's love interest, was seen naked from the back. The Second Circuit was the same court that last year said the FCC's enforcement of its indecency rules was vague and chilling to speech. Just for the heck of it, I looked at the clip in question. It seemed a little gratuitous. Coverage of the lack of coverage of the rear of Ross from the Los Angeles Times and Broadcasting & Cable.
Oscar getting more expensive. ABC, which will broadcast the Oscars at the end of next month, is looking for about $1.7 million for a 30-second commercial, according to Advertising Age. The price tag is an increase over what ABC sought last year but is not a record price. That remains the $1.82 million per commercial Ad Age says the show got in 2008. Last year, more than 40 million watched the Oscars.
SAG Awards: SAG members should have received a post card instead of the usual packet mailer for the SAG Awards. Voting and access to screeners will be all digital this year, a disadvantage to those without high speed digital access.
If your agent is asking for money, find a new agent. TMZ reports that former "Baywatch" star David Charvet is suing his former agent, claiming that he has yet to get back a six-figure loan