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Saturday, January 1, 2011

LA NFL or LV BB. 3D damages eyes, iMax in play, Governator seeking work, Oscar talk from the LA Time's Company Town

One of three designs for a proposed stadium in downtown Los Angeles. (AEG Digital Group / December 31, 2010)

From the LA Times Company Town Blog (click here for Company Town link).
Inside the Los Angeles Times: Before Los Angeles worries about getting a football team, the city should get its act together on designing a new stadium, says architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne. Your list of the top moments in scripted TV.

3-D  hazardous to your sight. Nintendo has a new 3-D game console coming out and is warning parents that little kids shouldn't be allowed to use it. The warning was posted on the company's website. The Wall Street Journal noted that "effects such as dizziness and nausea have been reported among some users since the arrival in the 1950s of the first 3-D movies, which required viewers to wear paper glasses with colored filters."
iMax rumoured to be in play for take-over. Imax Corp. knocked down a report on New Year's Eve that Sony Corp. was preparing to make a bid for the Canadian-based theater company. Shares of Imax rose as high as 20% on Friday following a report in Britain's Daily Mail that Sony was about to make a bid for Imax at more than $40 a share -- about 40% above the company's current share price, which closed Friday at $28.05. The report, without citing sources, also said Walt Disney Co. might be interested in Imax, known for its big-screen technology.
Oprah's ready.  Los Angeles Times: Winfrey, anticipating the negative waves that will no doubt come her way in the channel's early days, says she's "really prepared for all of the criticism, all of the snarky 'could’ve' and 'should’ves.'  But that doesn’t matter. This launch is the birthing of my baby, it’s not the raising of the baby, and that’s the important part.”
He could be back. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is days away from being unemployed, talks with Variety about his future plans, which could include a return to the big screen. "It is like bicycling, or like skiing," he said. "You get on it and you feel like there is no time lapse there at all."
Oscar spin 101. Hot Blog's Dave Poland offers a crash course in phase one of Oscar hype, which is laying down the back story for how a movie got made and why it was a world-changing event. "The Narratives are the big perspective ideas, almost always instigated by someone with an ax to grind or a bonus to earn," Poland explains, adding that the narrative "should not be confused with Dirty Pool, which is when some personal or oddball issue comes to the forefront for no other reason than to tear this film or that film down."
Speaking of Oscar. The Wrap tells us five things we didn't know about the Oscar ballots that have been mailed out. Did you know they come postage due? Neither did I. It wouldn't be Oscar season if some writer or producer or director didn't screw up by violating the rules about campaigning for an award. Entertainment Weekly and Deadline Hollywood on "Buried" writer Chris Sparling's antics.
The Grinch who took your channels. As 2011 approaches, there are several disputes going on between programmers and distributors that could result in consumers losing channels after deals expire when the clock strikes midnight. Coverage of the spats from Reuters and the Los Angeles Times.

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The suicide of the Republican Party
‎'Republicans have overplayed their hand in a way that seems startling even for them, and they shall inherit the proverbial wind. They have taken another step, neither to be retraced nor erased, towards their political suicide - an event that cannot come a minute to soon for the real America...

3/11/11 first published