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Monday, December 24, 2012

My "device"


Anonymous said...

I think that this post means that his device isn't a phone or a computer, its just our world. Not everything has to do with our electronics.

Anonymous said...

i think this post is illistrating a positive creativity of the mind. everyone should stop and gaze upon the skies every now and then and just wonder what's out there.
Shirley Hartman HUM/114 wk3

Anonymous said...

Oh whatever would we do without our smart phones, ipads, or laptops???? Thank you Steve Jobs.....

Erika Soto

Anonymous said...

I like this post because it shows that people don't have to rely on material things such as cell phones or computers. Our world provides a great amount of resources for us to use. We just have to be creative. Erik E. Lopez HUM/114

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we get wrapped up in this digital age and forget that some of the best things are right in front of us and do not cost anything. Nature is so under-rated!!

Mary Renteria/HUM/114