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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are we turning poltiics into war, and forgetting what America is about?

Here are Senate Republicans, demonstrating what really is our country's biggest problem: the number of Republicans across America who lack either the wisdom or courage to realize that their party is anti-American, and that their votes encourage the enemy.
After a nominee for an ambassador’s post was grilled over a boyfriend she had lived with almost 20 years ago, it might be time to adopt a statute of limitations on this sort of thing.


Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

i think we need to chose our battles more wisely in the future

Anonymous said...

Republicans all the way!!!!!!
I love America and I feel Republicans are the ones who know how to truly bring us back to whole.

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

This shows you how messed up our political parties are. If they cant agree on appointing someone who has all the qualifications then where does that leave the rest of us and our country! Both parties need to learn the basics of working to get her as a team than working against each other.

Phoenix Carmen