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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Use Presentation Aids Properly

Functions of Presentation Aids

-help emphasize your points
-breakdown complex information
-help with different learning styles

Have to use visual aids to help people follow you
Visual Aids should serve to explain complex concepts
Visual Aids may be used for transitions
Visual Aids should always integrate into the content of your speech
Visual Aids should be simple and easy to follow (exception handouts)
There must be a reason for each aid, one that compliments or advances your speech.

Rules for presentation aids
-talk to the audience, not the aids
-Do not have to use handouts
-prepare audience for controversial topics
-rehearse with your aids
Some Types of Aids
Flip Charts
Other Images


Anonymous said...

This is a good layout to inform us on how to use presentation aids. That's something I need to work on. By saying sound I thought our voices could be used as aids.

-Mireika Edwards COM101

Karen Johnson Com-101-4080 said...

This was great information on what can be used for presentation. I relate to the tangible items myself.

Anonymous said...

This was very helpful information, and i hope to apply this to some of my presentations. which is what i really need help on.

Julian Henriquez

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. It seems like this list has more examples of visual aids than the book did. Now, I feel like I have more options for my demonstration speech coming up, and my informative after that.

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

I think this is good information especially for the demonstration speech coming up. I am really looking forward to seeing what are class does as far as demonstrations. If anyone ins 4049 wants to make food that would be great! haha

Joseph Contreras HN 4049 COM 101

iheartblog702 said...

The information at this chart i pretty useful. Now that its here im going to take advantage of it and use it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks this is information i need for my next speech. Especially cause it was one thing that i missed on my last speech.

Shawn Chaytor
Com 101
Section #4044

Ana Tinta COM 101-4080 said...

I like clear visual aids when using posters or other visual aids such as graphs or images. Great examples of others in this post.

fred said...

That was very helpful. It gives me a better understanding of what is expected and what is acceptable. My only issue would be the creativity. I have a hard time trying make something that other people think is boring interesting.

Anonymous said...

Helpful additions to help us do a better presentation in class and in the workplace. Since I conduct many trainings, just using PowerPoint does create a sleepy audience. Using video and other instruments helps the trainees better understand how to be trained.

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049

Berenice said...

great post!

iheartblog702 said...

Thanks for the great tips. thiers no doubt that i will be using this soon on my upcoming speeches.

Anonymous said...

This really helps. On my last speech I talked to my powerpoint. These give me good examples to use instead. I won't being doing that again.

Erin Penman
Mon 6-8:50

Anonymous said...

this is perfect information!! thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great tips, will have to take this into consideration for the next speech. So guilty of breaking the rules on presentaion aids.

Angela Mains
COM 101 HN 4080