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Monday, January 16, 2012

Test Your Internet Speed...Free.

From DSL Service Providers . ORG

Every now and then it’s a good idea to check the performance of your PC or mobile device. Bandwidth speed testing is one such check, which samples how fast your device downloads and uploads files. The results can then be compared to your ISP’s advertised speed and in some cases, other users in your area. Since the amount and the value of the results data can vary widely from one site to the next, we decided to rate the top ten bandwidth speed tests by their usefulness in testing and troubleshooting a computer:
  1. ISPGeeks.comBy far, the most informative website about all things techie, including testing data. As its name would suggest, this site is designed to provide as much info as the average user is likely to ever need, and then some.
  2. Speedtest.netSlick graphic display and a choice of servers for testing. It will show your IP address, ISP, and ping time as well as bandwidth speeds. You can then opt to share the results for regional comparisons, and to supplement the site’s test results database.
  3. DSLReports.comHere you’ll find a directory of online speed tests. We especially liked the Flash test, which gives the option of choosing from 8 different cities, with the server that is being used. Ping, line quality and FAQ tabs gave comprehensive help in sorting out the data.
  4. InternetFrog.comVery detailed test results, including average results for your ISP, and an explanation of what your down / up speeds mean in relation to file sizes. Round trip times, and quality of service are also measured.
  5. InternetServiceProviders.orgAnother site that provides very detailed analysis including round-trip time, packet info, consistency of service, etc. via 5 graphic displays. Test server site is shown, but not selectable.
  6. Xfinity Speed Test  - Shows IP address, server location (which can be selected) and distance; peak speeds as well as overall. Speedo goes only to 20Mbps, which we thought was odd for a cable ISP. Not much info to work with beyond raw test data, though the FAQ link is somewhat helpful.
  7. – Will test your bandwidth speed with a choice of multiple file sizes, or by using the SmarTest mode, it will automatically select file sizes up to 200 MB, according to your connection type. Fairly comprehensive test data provided, but speeds were consistently slower from the Dallas test server. The one other location, Washington D.C., did measure more comparably with the other test sites.
  8. Linksys.Speedtest.netNine test cities to choose from, including London.  Useful aid in testing your device; but be advised, there’s a daily limit on the number of tests you can make.
  9. Accurate measurements of down / up speeds, ping / latency, and provides ISP and IP address of client. Servers located in Chicago only.
  10. McAfee.comIncludes a decent explanation of the testing process and results. Lacks any selection for server sites, though; and the speedometer only goes to 2Mbps, so accuracy is impossible beyond that speed.
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