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Friday, April 18, 2014

Persuasive Speech Designs and Structures

  Speeches must select appropriate designs, structures or organizational strategies
                                               i.     Can use some or all of the designs or structures utilized in informative speaking
                                             ii.     Categorical can be used to list reasons
                                            iii.     Sequential may be used to show steps in a plan
                                            iv.     Chronological could be used to support reasons for action
                                              v.     Comparative may work well with a speech of contention
                                               i.     Convinces audience there is a problem
                                             ii.     Shows audience a probable/ recommended solution
                                            iii.     Shows how to deal with the problem effectively
                                            iv.     Establishes problem exist and is significant
                                              v.     Should offer solutions that are concrete and easy to follow
                                               i.     Establish that a problem exists
                                             ii.     Provide the primary or most likely cause
                                            iii.     Show how you can solve the problem by addressing the cause
   The stock issue approach
                                               i.     Acknowledges a need for change because of a significant problem
                                             ii.     The elephant in the living room or gorilla in the closet
                                            iii.     Questions that reasonable people are likely to have on their mind
                                            iv.     Addresses the following questions
a.     Is there a need for change because of some significant problem
b.     What is the best solution to the problem
c.     Who will put this solution into effect
                                              v.     Focuses on inherency
a.     Is a harmful effect caused by this problem
b.     Will proposed solutions solve it
c.     To what extent is harm an inevitable part of the situation
d.     How much resistance is there to change
e.     Can change occur without greater damage


Anonymous said...

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Is this in good apa format? can we use this as a model to structure our outlines from?

Holly Knowlton said...

This definitely helped me put together my persuasive outline a lot easier. By going in a specific order/ structure.

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