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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's really 99.9% vs. 0.1%

The following from the Guardian includes an animation that explains the statistics  behind the now over used 99% / 1% chant, and that in reality it is only one tenth of one percent of the country that is booming.

99% v 1%: the data behind the Occupy movement - animation

It has been the rallying cry of the Occupy movement for the past two months - but is the US really split 99% v 1%? As poverty and inequality reach record levels, how much richer have the rich got? This animation explains what the key data says about the state of America today.


Luisa Galdamez COm 101 sec4041 said...

i for the argument..but i do not agree with the way they are carrying it out..pooping everywhere and making a mess is not how there going to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Funny how big money's efforts have taken a tiny minority in a tiny minority of the protest and blown them up so people will think of it as the norm...most Guilty is Fox News, followed by CNN and NBC.

Most protesters clean up after themselves, do not urinate on cars or in public, are not "hippies" but students who want change and people who are out of work or a home because of the big banks and business they are protesting.

Funny how enough money can smear or attempt to silence any dissenting views.

Corporate America Uber Allas!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry person above, but you are sadly mistaken, stop watching left wing news it rots your brain. Most protesters? If you youtube OWS right now, you'll most likely bring up a video of a few women who are bare chested, and dancing, please I'm begging you, tell me how that is doing anything? Or what about the ports in Oakland? Maybe they should stop occupying wall street, vote Ron Paul and occupy a job. We have corporate greed because of the politicians we've voted in, when in comes time, I sure hope those people occupy a voting booth and make the right choice.

Bryan Lowe
Com 101

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bryan. It is really sad what the media does to people who do not fully understand what is going on with our Country, which I believe is the majority. If only the media could be honest and show all, it would be a much easier world today.

-Danielle Davis Com4041

Anonymous said...

i Agree to. Media twists every little thing they can, they dont care what the consequences are going to be.

Alexis Cooper
Com 6002

Anonymous said...

I think the protesters that shutdown the docks today have only hurt those that they claim to want to help! They didn't hurt the corporations! They only hurt the workers that had to miss work today... and right before Christmas! Really???

Danielle Davis
Com 4041

Nick Pellegrini Com101-6002 said...

It's possible to argue that the Occupy movement is necessary or unnecessary, but it is certain that Americans need to vote in the right people for the job, and give them feedback (other than organizing movements like this).

Anonymous said...

I completely agree Bryan, from what I can tell you are a pretty informed individual. I know a couple of people in Oregon who aren't able to make it to work because the the way there is "occupied".

Although I do feel the movement was necessary when it first began.

Michael Dubia - COM 101 6002

Anonymous said...

Bryan is just as talkative on here as in class haha. He does have a point though. And so does the video, but it all comes down to how are you helping the economy by sitting in the streets doing nothing? The protesters have a good point but they need to help out and not waste time.

Kimberlee Perry
COM 6002

Anonymous said...

There was a documentary I watched that explained the rise and fall of the housing market and discussed in detail how we ended up in this economic crisis. The documentary showed how closely tied the government and banks worked together. Many companies underwrote unsecured loans and had them rated as low risk. The same company would then take an insurance policy out on the loan in case the home owner defaulted. There was a very delicate science that illustrated how fast the executives and lobbyists became rich. I will look for the name of the documentary, everyone should watch it.

Billie Turner HUM/114

Anonymous said...

media is intrested in what sells and gets rating. If they can find one thing negative they will be sure to air that part of it. It would be nice if you could get the whole story and news anchors took pride in getting the true facts.

Mischelle Nowery

Anonymous said...

I think more people would have supported the movement if there had been a more clear cut idea of what exactly they wanted to accomplish. Playing the drums, getting high and vandalizing property is only going to fuel opposing views. If the protestors had protested in Washington instead of Wall Street maybe they would have had more support considering the lawmakers and the ones responsible for taking money from lobbyists are in Washington.

Erika soto- hum/114