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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Bill Bartels said...

That's because things don't disappoint you, people do.
Bill Bartels COM101-BC6003

Chad Charles said...

That seems a little ironic, but is it true? Yeah, definitely seems like it, people care more about getting stuff done and over with rather than enjoying the process they have to go through to get there. When you get in a car crash what do you think of first: oh crap my car, or is the other person alright? Chad Charles Com 101 6002

jessica Johnson COM 101 4041 said...

That is what seems to be happening as we move into an era of "wants" being more important than needs. If we took what we should love away, what would be left but lonliness.

taboada hn4041 said...

It is ironc cause were acting and treating eachother the opposite way cause more and more people are getting to materialistic

Anonymous said...

I love both people and things.

Chris Wynn 4044