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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why N.Y. Cab Drivers Honk

A New York commission has sent out a wave of text messages to its taxi cab drivers reminding them that unnecessary honking will incur a $350 fine. Cabbie Mike Castillo speaks with host Scott Simon about the importance of the horn.


Anonymous said...

I would be fined left and right. However, I feel if you don't honk your horn, stupid drivers forget to look before they merge into your lane. My biggest pet peeve.

-Camille Sunseri, BC 6003

Luisa GaldmamezCom 101 HN 4041 said...

i agree with the fine...and i actually know of someone who received a ticket for honking to his friend across the street. I wonder what percent of the population if NY own cars???

Alexander Medina Com101 4041 said...

I've never been to New York and I would like to visit one day. It seems like such a crowded place with cabs everywhere. I could imagine how frustrated drivers can get.

Drew Mortensen said...

I think that honking your horn can be a safety strategy. If someone is getting too close they should honk to let the other person know that they are there. $350 dollars ? come on. Talking on a cell phone only gets you a $50 fine in las vegas on the first offence.