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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ron Paul Robots

Out of the blue last night came 36 generic posts supporting Ron Paul, some totally unrelated to the item they were posted in response to. Since they were unsigned I have to assume they did not come from students. If you sent one please resend with your signature.

Robots have infested blogging. They send messages that are pre-written and often unrelated to the content of the text being read. They also alert human volunteers who respond, usually within a few minutes of the post.

The last time this happened it was paid for by the pro-Yucca Mountain dump folks.

I hope this is not the sort of campaign Ron Paul is running and is a rouge supporter.

This blog has a small readership (mostly current students) so it should not generate as many fast responses...therefore a Robot must be the cause.

It is why I screen posts, not to censor my students.

Watch out, in this electronic age we are being invaded by spies, worms and robots!

First Posted 10-24-2012

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is so scary who has access to technology now. I really hate that it is so easy for our information to get stolen.

Angelina Gomez
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