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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lonnie's Open House for Nevada Day is on! Visit "the" collection October 30th

Happy Hammergrin Halloween/ Nevada Days Open House is on this year

SAG actors who have been here for a few years remember the parties Lonnie use to throw for branch members who hit 25 years in the union (some as high as 70 years). My wife and I had the joy of handling Lonnies marketing and advertising (of course Lonnie was his own marketing) on his successful run for Lt Governor in 1994. It was a fun and wild ride! A campaign unlike any other!

As for his house: sharks, subs, Apollo text capsule, bikes, shrunken heads, musical instruments, a working planetarium, an authentic gondola, neon Las Vegas history, the desks from the old state legislature and a world of other surprises are to be had when touring this "back yard" overlooking Sandhill. The Liberace staircase, his traveling piano, the dome from the old Dunes, a roller coaster from the Stratosphere, a scale model of Leonardo daVinci's flying machine, the Nevada Brothel Bar, a plane owned by Howard Hughes and much much more...

Will there be an annual Halloween at Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammegrin's house?

The ANSWER THIS YEAR IS YES..Open House on October 30th for Nevada Day (costumes optional). More in today's Las Vegas Review Journal.

Click on "read more" below for additional information on the Hammergrin Estate.

From 2008, The New York Times:

The following recaps what the Hammergrin-less holidays over the past two years have been like

Cancelled for the second year in a row for "political" and "practical" reasons, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal (click here).

Or to be more truthful: Hammergrin Nevada Day Celebration.

A vintage Nevada Day 2008 interview on KNPR with Dr. Hammergrin may be heard by clicking here.

I remember live elephants, tigers and pony rides for the children.

The RJ wrote "you are not an official Nevadan until you have taken a tour of the Hammergrin Paradise Palace."

While it is a Las Vegas tradition I have not received or seen any information for this year. For some quick looks at the three home spread that is Hammergrin's Nevada History Museum and general life long artifact collection, click here. Photo above form Eric West's collection on Facebook.

My wife and I were among the team who worked with Lonnie when his dark horse, underfunded, come from behind campaign earned him the Lt. Governor race in 1984. We won.  No one can claim the victory but Lonnie. What we did do was coordinate PR and Marketing, including advertising, and all media planning and placement. His campaign manager Bob McCaffrey (a scholar on Howard Hughes) worked closely with him, but it was Lonnie who ran and won that campaign.

The ride that year included riding in a balloon in Reno, riding a camel at the annual Virginia City Camel Races, and an historic dual steam engine ride across the state and to Southern California on the last ever such trip over the Union Pacific (pulling the luxury of the City of Los Angeles passenger cars).

I also recall SAG Council Member Karen LaVonne's "unwedding" on the outdoor stage that is part of "Lonnie World," SAG local awards honors and many other events at his "homes".

What a ride, what a trip.

Too bad there are those who do not want us to enjoy Lonnie's back yard.


joey torres said...

that is so cool i have passed by that house since i moved hear two years ago and i would really like to go see it joey torres bc6003

Jessica Johnson COM 101 4041 said...

I have lived in Vegas for 12 years and just happen to miss a street and use this street as a turnaround. It is amazing. I hear he was a doctor.

Art Lynch said...

Pneuro-surgeon, Viet Nam War Flight Surgeon, Apollo Test Surgeon, Lt. Governor, University Regent...and much more.