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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

James Arness will always be "The Thing", from the 1951 Movie "The Thing (from another world)." A fourth remake is due to hit theaters this Halloween season, alas with less of a personality to the plant based stranded alien life form. James Arness passed away earlier this year.

First published 10-2-2011


taboada4041 said...

ive seen the previews for the remake of the movie abd i want to see it...i had no idea though that 'the thing' was about some alien like creature thought it was gong to be like parasites affecting people. still want to see it though!

Nick Hoffman said...

It would be so awesome to be one of the scary movie actors. Take Kane Hodder for example. He has played Jason Vorhees in the last few Friday the 13th movies. What a gorilla of a man. He is HUGE and just looks scary in general. That would truly be such a fun job.

Com101 BC6003

Anonymous said...

My favorite "monster" will always be Peter Boyle from Young Frankenstein. He is so hilarious and I was truly sad when I heard of his passing a few years ago. I strongly recommend this classic movie!!!!!

-Camille Sunseri, BC 6003

Anonymous said...

I also saw the previews for the remake of this movie and I can't wait to see it either. I love scary movies and this looks scary. I just want to mention how crazy it is that this picture was from so long ago and I bet back in that day it was scary but scary movies have advanced so much that this photo wouldn't scare anyone these days.

-Mireika Edwards COM101 6003