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Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Halloween! And Happy Nevada Day!

Lots of scary theater and film this weekend, concerts, parties and costumed kiddies to adults. 

Be watchful of children and inebriated adults. 

Designated driver is the way to go, if you must travel. And while we are at it Happy Nevada Day (Oct 31, celebrated today due to Californians changing our state laws)..


Maura Goldberg Com 101-6002 said...

The only thing creepier than this picture if one of the flying monkey's was in it.....

Jessica Johnson COM 101 4041 said...

Ahhh, way to take a great classic and turn it into horror.

Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

that just ruined one of my favorite movies ):

Alexander Medina Com101 4041 said...

This halloween was pretty fun. I went to the strip and saw alot of people with very unique costumes. Didn't see as much kids on the street though.