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Sunday, April 8, 2012

But I did not shoot the deputy.


Anonymous said...

That's cute:) A well known Bob Marley song but instead of sherif its serif! Haha. I swear there are so many fonts to use on Word documents. Even ones that don't have those long stems at the ends of the lettering. Hope that made sense!

Dulcenea Leae
HN 4041

Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

I thought this was an Eric Clapton song?? Maybe a remake, either way...I like it.

Aleksandra Drapacz said...

The original was and still is a classic

Anonymous said...

I love this song. It seems like my dad played it everytime we went on vacation when I was younger. Sentimental value.:)

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

oh wait... it says serif. I shouldve taken time to read it instead of overlooking it and jumping the gun. (Its still a good song though. xD)

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Glubis Valdivieso said...

Yea buddy is doesn't get better than good old bob marley, this man is a legend.

Anonymous said...

Look up serif and sheriff.


Anonymous said...

To directly quote Tom Gabor "...innovative thinking and strong communication skills bring about a desire to deliver outstanding creative solutions to every project I touch.". He did with this one. I bet he made a little money with his play on words t-shirt with both Marley fans and commumications geeks alike - (no derogatory or offense intended with use of the word geek, I actually look at it as a compliment).

Martina - Phoenix HUM/114