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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alternative Halloween Popcorn Movies

Blind Man offers Frankenstein's Monster Fresh Hot Soup in "Young Frankenstein" by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks, a recommended Holloween Alternative Comedy, referencing classic films and life in general. Also consider "Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein" where the "original" monsters Bella "Dracula" Lugosi and Lon "Wolfman" Chaney do their finest performances ever!


jessica Johnson COM 101 4041 said...

That was a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Best Frankenstein movie ever. Most may find it silly, but when the audience pays attention to the dialogue and references, it is so smart and witty.

-Camille SUnseri, BC 6003

Nick Pellegrini COM101-6002 said...

I have never seen this movie, but I was a little confused about the picture when I first saw it. I didn't realize that the person pouring the soup was blind, haha.

Luisa GaldmamezCom 101 HN 4041 said...

is this raymonds dad? from everyone loves raymond??

Anonymous said...

Young Frankenstein is based on "Son of Frankenstein" (1938) and not the first movie, although it uses elements of all three films ("Bride of Frankenstein).