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Monday, June 4, 2012



Anonymous said...

One more example of how unions cause small business to fail.

Jill Pentkowski

Anonymous said...

The message has nothing to do with unions. That's just a way to move the plot. It has to do with what you need to find your dreams may be right under your nose, or next door in the ladies restroom.

Rachelle_Hopper said...

Even if you have all the money in the world it is nothing compared to having someone to care about and someone who cares about you too. And it's worth the wait, no matter how long the road is to find them.

Rachelle Hopper
Com 101

Dulcenea Leae said...

This was hilarious! Money definitely can't buy anyone love or true happiness (maybe?). Money makes life a lot easier thats for sure. I like how the character went from nothing to something, may have hit rock bottom again but later life was back on track but a whole lot better.

Dulcenea Leae
HN 4041

Neptali Cabrera said...

I guess this goes to show that everyones true love could be right around the corner. Also that you don't necessarily need money to find them, and like I said in a previuse post it only takees one person to make a positive change in somebodys life.
Neptali Cabrera Com 101

Anonymous said...

Joseph Contreras COM 101 4049 T/Th 6-7:20p

It doesnt matter about the job you do or the amount of money you have. Everyone is just trying to find someone to love and have a companion in this world. I totally agree that you never know when someone is going to walk in your life and change it!

Anonymous said...

While I like the message I find myself caring more about how you can apply his same idea to other scenarios then the message. Or why this doesn't currently exist.

Is it a situational influence or being shrewd and cold hearted I wonder?

Ryan Clift
Com 101 - 4049

Ana Tinta said...