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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Partial list of the elements and nature of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking requires active listening
Critical thinking refers to higher order thinking
Critical thinking is required for knowledge and growth
Critical thinking is required to advance and not repeat mistakes and history
Critical thinking involves the will to seek our and understand issues and others
Critical thinking involves the ability to synthesise ideas and concepts
Critical thinking involves an effort to understand all views and opinions
Critical thinking involves reading, research and resolve
Critical thinking involves an strong effort to fair interpretations of the facts
Critical thinking involves being able to access the strengths and weaknesses of an argument.
Critical thinking involves being able to distinguish between the fact, theory and opinions of an argument 
Critical thinking allows for thinking outside of the box
Critical thinking allows for compromise and growth.
Critical thinking involves being able to judge the credibility of sources
Critical thinking requires accessing the quality of evidence
Critical thinking involves discerning relationships between ideas
Critical thinking involves priorities on what to remember and in what context
 Critical thinking allows for fewer mistakes and reduces trial and error in everyday life
Critical thinking is a normal process that requires practice and reinforcement
Critical thinking is an active process
Critical thinking requires and open mind and the ability to consider and
      understand all sides in an issue.
Critical thinking means replacing name calling and slogans with reason,
     compromise and the ability to persuade instead of attack.
Critical thinking should never be "us vs. them"
Critical thinking should never allow personal bias to cloud thought
Critical thinking is not an argument where you toss facts and figures back and forth
Critical thinking means weighing all options fairly and openly
Critical thinking means being open to disagreement
Critical thinking involves understanding conjecture, opinion and perceptions
Critical thinking involves knowing your own bias, prejudice and experiences
Critical thinking requires research
Critical thinking requires exploration of all sides or views
Critical thinking requires being willing to seek out the expertise of others
Critical thinking required being open to compromise for the greater good
Critical thinking requires being willing to find and agree on common ground
Critical thinking is purposeful
Critical thinking self regulatory and voluntary, although needed for the long term
Critical thinking requires commitment and resolve
Critical thinking is, by nature, judgemental
Critical thinking required prioritization
Critical thinking involves assigning values
Critical thinking is multi-dimensional and requires complex thought
Critical thinking takes time and effort
Critical thinking probes issues, status, situations, ideas and actions
Critical thinking requires flexibility
Critical thinking is open minded
Critical thinking is liberal (open to change)


taboada said...

there is so many and i do, so some unconciously already but than again i need more practice cause i do sometimes do the opposite on impulse and obviously at that point am not using..critical thinking

Josh Evans said...

I like a lot of these points like, Critical thinking requires accessing the quality of evidence and Critical thinking is not an argument where you toss facts and figures back and forth.

shellie paulucci bc6003 said...

i feel the more we use critical thinking the more we will be able to be open to change and to seeing others points of view instead of fighting.

Anonymous said...

Critical thinking is one of those things that we all need in order to advance and better understand each other. If we cant understand each other then we will just see the same mistakes throughout history and our own personal lives. Critical thinking shows us both sides, not just one, and a better understanding to what we want to understand at that point in time.

Jeremy Matul

SJ Walker BC03 said...

This post is a nice tool. Educational & explains it so we know what to look for & how to use critical thinking. Very beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I think the purpose of this long list is to actually make one think critically while reading each sentence. By reading and understanding the list, one is actively taking the time to read the list while applying complex thought and prioritizing what is being said about "Critical Thinking". Thus, whether one knows it or not, one is already applying critical thinking skills.

Angelina Gomez

Anonymous said...

Critical thinking is a challenge for alot of people but if you are willing to open yourself up to it, critical thinking can open your whole world up.

Mischelle Nowery

Anonymous said...

I definetly need to practice critical thinking skills more often. Everything that had been built, made, succeeded and failed in life starts with our thoughts.
-christy delfs com 101 6002

Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

i like the point that when critically thinking you need to have an open mind. alot of people now only see one side.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! It makes learning all the critical thinking aspects easier to understand because they are listed and in short sentences. Sometimes when something has so many elements to it, it helps to list it out instead of put it into paragraph form. This really helped me with understanding all the critical thinking techniques and will definitely apply it when needed.

Chantel T.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I am definitely what you would call a "thinker." My favorite part is "Critical thinking is required for knowledge and growth"

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

This is a true critical thinker and I feel that I fall into some of this categories but can also see myself saying well that's what I'm use to instead of opening myself to new ideas that may work better. I have to practice seeing both sides of the story instead of what I want to see!
Phoenix Carmen

Anonymous said...

I like this post about critical thinking. It shows how I can become a better critical thinker, and that anybody can do it. It just take practice.

Brianna Dirden

Anonymous said...

This is a good thing you could print out and look at occasionally. Having this could help you understand critical thinking better and keep your mind fresh on it.

Leah Genet COM/114