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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Only $400,000 a year to live on!

“This is not class warfare, it’s math,” President Obama said yesterday.

Exactly. Fair is fair. But Republicans don’t care about fair. They only care about winning.

If our economy is destroyed, so be it. If the middle class withers, tough. If seniors are worried about their Social Security and Medicare, too bad. As long as Republicans control the White House and Congress, they couldn’t care less.

Republicans are ginning up their people and using Karl Rove’s cash to fund attacks. 

Trying to deal with Republicans won’t work. The only “deal” Republicans are interested in is the “deal” that lets Warren Buffett pay a smaller percentage of his income in taxes than does his secretary. It’s wrong, and President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” will help change that.

But Republicans started attacking the president even before he spoke. They say President Obama is engaging in “class warfare.” They say we’ll destroy the economy by increasing taxes on America’s billionaires. One Tea Party Congressman even said that he can’t afford a tax hike because, after feeding his family, he’s only got $400,000 per year to live on. Only $400,000 a year?!

Here’s the deal: The fundamental fairness that built the nation we love is under attack. The only course of action is to fight back hard, and fight back now. President Obama can’t do it alone. He needs our help.

What President Obama is proposing is more than fair. It’s common sense. And it’s a plan whose time has come.

Our president is standing tough against the Republicans. I hope you’ll join me in standing beside him.


JB Poersch


Bill Bartels said...

Rich self proclaimed dems can choose philanthropy if they wish by giving their extra millions to the government by putting it on their tax return on the line that offers you the opportunity to give more. Yes you Bill Mahr.
Bill Bartels COM101-6003

Justin Parke BC6003 said...

If billionaire Mr. Buffet thinks the rich, hardworking and successful need to support the government fully, then why is he not writing them a check? Even better he should give the government the billion dollar profit from his Bank of America tip off.

Anonymous said...

Bill Mahr is not Democrat. He is an independent and attacks both sides...however his top targets are those with Faith and rich Republicans because they are easy targets for his comedy. Remember he is first and foremost an entertainer and political comedian.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why the more money you have the bigger tax cuts you get? O'ya thats because the people who decide and make these laws are people are never affected by them.

Mischelle Nowery

Maura Goldberg 6002 said...

Did a Tea Party person actually make that comment? Of course. My advice is to get a good accountant. I'm sure that the rich are paying a lot less than we all realize anyway.