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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Special

Given the economy, the unemployment rate, and the decline of the labor movement, this is hardly a Labor Day to celebrate. That said, perhaps we need to actually take the time think of why the labor movement got started in the first place. The US now has the largest split between the wealthy and the average American since the robber barrons and corporate giants whose abuse laid the foundation for the birth and growth of labor unions.Maybe the answer is to value the labor force, keeps jobs here in America, pay a little more for products than those who support foreign workers by shopping at Walmart and realize that if we do not, we may all be working for peanuts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree! I work at a family-owned retail shop that sells mainly U.S. made and Native American made items. We can claim that about 90 percent of the store is authentic and NOT made in China. It is unfortunate that people are ignorantly supporting these foreign countries. It not only hurts our economy, but it hurts the poor workers in those countries as well. Most work for very little and work in terrible conditions.

Our country is selfish! Like you said, we need to sacrifice some and pay a little more for quality products now, so we can have hopes for a better future later.

Angelina Gomez