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Thursday, November 22, 2012

"If a free society cannot help 
the many who are poor,

it cannot save the few who are rich."

--John F.. Kennedy


Jessica Johnson said...

I agree. Even with my post regarding companies paying it forward, we all build it together and most are charitable enough to help those less fortunate. Where I see the biggest change in how we treat our less fortunate is todays generation. The ages of 12-23. The mindset is not the same as it used to be. Work ethics are changing. Attitudes are different. We are becoming a "materialistic nation". The "me" generation.

Anonymous said...

The wealthy in America must realize that eventhough they probably worked hard to get where they are, they did so on the back of poorer citizens. Instead of complaining about "freeloaders" or "lazy bums" being helped by the tax dollars they pay, what they should be doing is supporting the governments efforts to help people because, but for the grace of god so go they. If our society crumbles, as some that came before us have done, all that money will be of little use.
Jeff Peters
Critical Thinking HUM114

Anonymous said...

I don't think the rich feel that they need to be saved, hence our current state.

Jill Pentkowski

Anonymous said...

Obviously we the poor need the rich, as much as the rich need the poor, weather they know it or not, if the poor weren't there, the rich could not have gone anywhere, and vice versa. Like someone else commented earlier, we are quickly turning into the "me" generation, where all we are out doing is watching for ourselves and occasionally a fellow family member that is not in out house hold. When someone asks us for help we answer no even if we could help. I know I do it sometimes, and other times I help, if its the fact that someone needs money or if someone needs something done, however anyone can easily see the our generation only cares for themselves, and no one else.

Jeremy Matul, BC 6003

Cassandra Smith BC 6003 said...

I agree with this quote because I experience poverty everyday I have realized that people that are poor and people that are rich have a very different views on life. Rich people are blinded by material objects and can not see the true beauty in the world because they become so obsessed with cars, houses, and other objects they can not see the Beauty in front of them. The poor are blinded as well by envy of the rich and their material objects. The poor become green with envy while the rich don't even care and go about their business. So in a way there could be no rich without the poor and no poor with out the rich. It is a codependent relationship even though we don't normally see it.
Cassandra Smith
Com 101 BC 6003

taboada 4041 said...

i think that its just saying if our government cant help the many who are poor, well than what world would it be since than the rich would fall too. Even the poor still spend and that money that goes to stores for food or clothes etc keeps the economy going too and with out it the rich cant get rich or richer

Alexander Medina Com101 4041 said...

Everybody in all is equal which is what I think JFK's message is all about. Poor or Rich society is all the same.

Glubis Valdivieso said...

Rich people don't really value the little things in life, to where as poor people value everything they have even if it has little meaning to them. The rich are lost in their own riches.

Sarah Lindekugel com101 4049 said...

The rich will fall as well as the poor. But the poor will rise before the rich. What we need is change. But we are to affriad of taking the leap for is so we just waste more time and more money.
Sarah Lindekugel Com. 101 4049

Anonymous said...

President Kennedy words were powerful. We listened to what he said. Coming from a wealthy family, these a strong words. Would he say them now in 2012? There are many who are poor, more now than in the 1060s? There are more wealthy, can they help us?

A Falconetti
HM 4049

Anonymous said...

I agree. In my archaeology class last semester we learned about the collapse of the anasazi, and basically when the poor (who were mainly the providers, workers, and farmers) left, the rest the society (meaning the rich people who depended on the poor) collapsed as well. So basically we're all connected in this society so we need to take care of all the different-classed people.

Rebecca Johnson 4049

shung lee said...

I agree with this. The community cannot just help the richer get richer, and the poor stay as is. In order for the society to improve, the whole community should be helped, not just the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

As other have said but restated: The 1%'s future is directly related to the 99%.

Unfortunately we have become a society of: We help those who help themselves.

We see these words spoken by JFK, we understand them and we interpret meaning behind them, and yet we go on about our lives without doing anything to change it.

Maybe it's unrealistic to think we can change it or that it will. We may never eliminate class conflicts so we all can be saved.

Ryan Clift
Com 101-4049

Anonymous said...

We have a man who could very well be our president stating that he doesn't care about the poor. In essence, JFK would say that he is signing his own death warrant. This could be a very painful lesson for Romney.

John Williams
COM 101 Sec 4049