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Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Not To Be Stupid: A Guide To Critical Thinking


Anonymous said...

They are so right, you need to be flexible and have an open mind to truly learn from others. Everyone should always listen to the other side of the issue and not just the side that benifits your argument. You can't be right all the time, but you can always learn more.

Rachelle Hopper
COM 101-4041

Sarah J Walker BC03 said...

I agree. If someone doesnt have a filter or the patience to listen to all sides of the story basically then your being ignorant.

Anonymous said...

This video was hilarious. It proves though that critical thinking is a lot harder than just wishful thinking, you have to actually check your sources and the facts, it's a difficult task to think with critical thinking which is why so very few people do it because America is lazy.
Kali Gates
COM 101. BC 1230

Anonymous said...

Learning and memorizing fallacies is one of the most usefull things I've learned in college. You will never watch commercials and listen to pundits the same ever again.
-christy com 101

Anonymous said...

Very interesting video, gotta love the exaggerated facial expressions of the actors! They really know how to express that thinking critically is the right kind of thinking.

Angelina Gomez

dulcenea leae com101-4041 said...

The facial expressions were too funny.

Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

i like how they did critical thinking vs. wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Its hard because I really love wishful thinking!!! But critical thinking definitely comes in handy.

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

This video definitely helps when deciding if you are a critical thinker or not. I use to believe I was somewhat of a critical thinker but in reality I still have a lot to learn about it. Wishful thinking is a lot easier to do than critical thinking but that doesn’t make it right. People really do need to start critical thinking before making assumptions about things they really do not understand. I am guilty of this. I hear one side and think it sounds good so agree to it. But I have learned since attending college that hearing both sides and making your own conclusion is much more rewarding in the end, even if it takes more time.

Chantel T.

Anonymous said...

most fall into the catagory of intellual coward. we do not like to leave our comfort zones and it takes the ability to learn to be a critical thinker. we are not born critical thinkers.

Shirley Hartman HUM/114

Anonymous said...

Great video I am not sure where I fall.
Leah Waters
Hum/ 114

Anonymous said...

Critical thinking is hard and we need to use are minds and analyze a situations. We tend to just make quick decisions and not use our brains,

Angela Mains
Comm 101 Sec 4080

Berenice said...

They are so right, you need to be flexible and have an open mind to truly learn from others

paul campita said...

If you recognized the dude from Jersey Shore and not recognized David Icke the whole time...then most likely you are stupid!!!!

Jana said...

The video was fun and representative of some of my thinking habits. However, I discovered that I am “smart enough to know that I am stupid.” As I heard in the video, critical thinking is difficult and unnatural. It means searching for truth and clarity. On the other hand, being stupid is fun and easy. It doesn’t require gathering facts, and is dependent upon emotions, beliefs, and opinions.
Jana Henning
Summer, 2012

Anonymous said...

I like how it said that critical thinking is not for everyone, but the ones that want to find the truth. I agree with, critical thinking is all about finding the truth.

Bree Rogers said...

Geez... I am sure glad that I am an critical thinker- I rather not be ignorant. I like to hear both sides of a story before making a bias choice. I love the truth, no matter if it hurts. The truth is the only way to grow and enhance your learning.

Bree Rogers said...

But... Like Jana said- We all love to be stupid. Wow, how incompetent is this world. We are of no effect if we can't exercise our brain.. There are a lot of vegetables walking around!!!

Anonymous said...

The video is correct. But ironically enough most of the people that are commenting are using wishful thinking but they don't even realize this. Mainly because a critical thinker would realize the difference between wishful thinking and critical thinking especially in their own thoughts. Wishful thinking is easy to realize in other peoples thoughts but not so easy in your own.
Tatiana Bartosic