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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avery Schreiber on The Muppet Show

Blowing My Own Horn (because so many assume the least or worst of us all)

I was part of the SAG Foundation Improv Comedy Workshop, which has led me to the following observation.

Maybe I should blow my own trumpet more often. But then with the way so many in this town over promote my actual experience may be taken as just an effort to be up to their standards. No one should worry about anyone else. We all have things to offer, gifts to share and crosses to bear.We are all human and we all have a right to study, perform, teach, and live life as we see fit.

Why do locals here in Nevada not respect that I was on the main stage with Shelly Long, George Wendt and Jim Belushi while I was a part of the Second City workshops in Chicago? Why do they not respect my training with Avery Schreiber, Dick Wilson, Joseph Bernard and others?

I have not done a SAG Conservatory since Adrienne Garcia Mann stepped down as chair? I have not been asked. Charlie DiPinto and I did several as co-leads and they were very successful, and I did cold reading and on camera workshops on my own or with other local coaches. Why have I not been asked to return to the Nevada SAG conservatory which I helped get off its feet and running?

My north side professional Chicago theatre experience, professional commercial and voice over background and my work with theater companies in the pre-IMDB era go ignored as some disgruntled (or jealous) actors toss stones without knowing the target they are shooting at.

I have taught acting here in Las Vegas since 1990 with the focus of helping and promoting the student, the talent and not myself. I generally work for others instead of promoting my own name and inflating my ego.

I currently teach through Casting Call Entertainment, the Boulder City Park and Recreation Center and private lessons. I also teach other subjects for college credit through the College of Southern Nevada, Everest College and the University of Phoenix.

I am on the air, with my voice heard for 18 hours each Sunday as the local host for Nevada Public Radio statewide, locally on KNPR 88-9, and have been for 11 years.

Anyway.....consider this vented.

Seeing my fellow performers talk and perform as part of the SAG Foundation on-line web series made me want to take a moment to sing my own praise, blow my own trumpet and vet a bit on the word on the street I listened to but did not respond to during my campaign to be reelected to the National Board of
Screen Actors Guild.

Forgive me.

And thank you again to those of you
who voted for me. I am grateful, and humbled.

Art Lynch

Posted 9-14-11


Alexis Donovan 4041 said...

The world is so unfair, isn't it? Ugh! I feel the same way a lot of the time for some of the things I do. I will have to tune in to your radio station!

Anonymous said...

I was not aware that you host KNPR on Sundays! That station is one of the best for information on EVERYTHING! I have to tell my dad that one of my professors speaks on his favorite station.
Regarding the lack of appreciation and lack of respect you endure, I hope you realize that there are people in society that probably do look up to you! Although others may get more credit for things that you also contributed to , you may be living a happier life than they are. Sometimes appreciation from family and friends is more important in life than earning appreciation from peers.

Angelina Gomez

Jessica Johnson said...

I think one of the lessons I need to learn is that I dont need to have my peers make me who I am. We teach this to our children but yet fall victim to it ourselves. Usually, as it goes in business, from my experience, people wont come out and praise a person when they do something good, but when they do something wrong. BAM.
JEssica Johnson COM 101-4041