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Monday, March 26, 2012

Using Power Point

a.     PowerPoint is a Microsoft product, these notes apply to all PowerPoint like systems of presentation, but use the term PowerPoint due to its market dominance
b.     Must take into account not to use as a crutch
c.     Must take into account to avoid briefing (unless the speech is a briefing- see Unit 6 notes on Informative Speaking)
d.     Avoid distracting movements, music and graphics
e.     Do not let the power point be the speech, it is only an aid
f.      Do not put everything on the PowerPoint
g.     Avoid clutter, too much gray matter (verbiage and numbers) and anything that is not referred to vocally and important to the speech
h.     Do use creative integrated features as needed
i.      Do plan and rehearse use of PowerPoint
j.      Use professional quality layout that compliments your speech
k.     Be able to give the speech effectively without the PowerPoint
l.      Do not darken room so that you are not seen clearly by audience
m.   Speak to the audience and not the PowerPoint
n.     Reveal items slightly after you introduce the subject supported (except in the use of humor)
o.     Be sure you do not plagiarize
p.     Make sure you use copyrighted materials properly and within the law
q.     Wide use of PowerPoint (avoid overuse)
                                               i.     94% of professional speakers use PowerPoint
                                             ii.     90% of multi-media presentations are developed using PowerPoint
r.      Plus and Minus
                                               i.     Allows use of a variety of visual aids without having to juggle between them or set up separate equipment
                                             ii.     Allows incorporation of text, photographs, charts, graphs, video, sound and other presentation aids under one system
                                            iii.     Allows for easy professional images (if proofed properly and if design elements are taken into consideration)
                                            iv.     PowerPoint could dominate the presentation (a negative)
                                              v.     PowerPoint may make speaker too dependant on presentation aids
                                            vi.     PowerPoint may lead to the use of aids that are not needed
                                           vii.     PowerPoint can lead to inflexibility in the presentation
                                         viii.     PowerPoint is not easily adaptable to the audience
                                            ix.     Do not use PowerPoint to illustrate every aspect of the speech
                                             x.     Do no look at the PowerPoint more than to glance at it
                                            xi.     Do not let the PowerPoint upstate the speaker
s.     Do not throw together a presentation
                                               i.     Required planning
                                             ii.     Requires rehearsal
                                            iii.     May require changes as speech is developed and practices
                                            iv.     May require changes to adapt to an audience
                                              v.     Make sure the presentation enhances the content of the speech
t.      Review further components and their use in the textbook and in PowerPoint Tutorials
u.     Check for errors. Any error will take away form your Ethos
                                               i.     Spelling
                                             ii.     Statistics
                                            iii.     Color use
                                            iv.     Image order
                                              v.     Etc.
v.     Do request help from other students or professionals when needed
w.    Observe Copyright laws
                                               i.     Obtain permission
                                             ii.     Pay fees if requested
                                            iii.     Fair use provision of copyright law for education
1.     May use portions of copyrighted material for a class
2.     May not receive payment of any kind for presentation
3.     May not post copyrighted material on the open web without written permission form copyright holder
4.     Must credit source in any use, even on closed systems or in a speech use (may be done with written source acknowledgment in find print or in your full outline)
5.     May use three minutes to ten percent, whichever is less, on all film, video or time motion media without obtaining permission, provided above items are observed.
6.     May use ten percent or no more than thirty seconds of music provided source is acknowledged
7.     May use entire photographs or illustrations pro video no more than 15 images or ten percent, whichever is less, of a collection of works.
8.     Must credit sources and use the copyright symbol when presenting material in a PowerPoint or any other presentation aid.


Linda B said...

This helps a lot, it answers so many things that usually confuse me when it comes to power points.
Linda Ndenga

Vince Vicencio said...

sweet, this will help me alot. i can use this information on some current classes i have and even future classes. thanks

luisa galdamez Com 4041 said...

nice. i am going to for sure follow this because i do think that powerpoint can be used to aid a class. As long as you follow this formula.

Aleksandra D. COM101-6003 said...

An excellent tool for presenting information to others, however if not used correctly it kills all that you are trying to accomplish by loosing your audience.

fred said...

Great tips, if I ever decided to use a power point I think this would help me out a lot. Although I do think this would create lot of work if I followed every direction. I would just be better off doing something else.

Berenice said...

cool! there is so many answer! i hope this helps me!