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Monday, July 30, 2012



How are your conversation skills? Think of conversation as playing catch with a ball. The ball is your question. They ask you a question and you answer it and then you ask them a question and listen to their answer. Tossing questions back and forth keep a conversation going and enables you to find the things you have in common.

What makes this work is that when someone asks you a question, you not only answer it, you elaborate a bit on it. Be direct but make it interesting. This is your time to share a part of yourself. The art conversation is telling people a little less than they want to know. Do not ramble. Be courteous with you response but if you feel yourself getting on a roll and monopolizing the conversation. Remember, don’t ‘hog’ the ball. Ask a question back, tossing the ball in their court. Then listen to their answer.

If you feel you are not a great talker, remember by tossing the ball in their court with a question, you can still make a home run by being a great listener.

Today, be aware of your conversation skills and get out there and Play Ball!


Miranda Langill said...

I love talking with new people at work, school anywhere really but I always find that I do better asking the questions rather then answering them myself. I feel that I am a much better listen then I am a communicator, however since taking Com 101 I am finding that I am more at ease communicating with people.

Miranda connell said...

This is a great way to look at conversation. Ask a little, tell a little, never hog the ball and always be a great listener. I feel i am great at conversations. Be attentive and if you dont understand something, ask. 

Duckie said...

I like that this a way people may look at on how to start up a conversation with people that you may not know. We use this technique at school a lot when introducing ourselves to our new classmates. I believe that I am a better listener then a communicator. I like asking some questions and hearing responses.

Anonymous said...

I liked the way that this was stated. There have been many times where I am stuck in a conversation with somebody only to realize that I have only said two words the entire time. On the other hand this also helps me keep in mind how to approach someone who is not easy to have a conversation with, you know the people who have one answer to every question that you ask? This helps kick off a new conversation with those people to keep it interesting.
Jasmine B.

Anonymous said...

I feel that I am a pretty good communicator for the most part and have no problem talking to new people. However, for people who are not as comfortable with starting up conversations I think that this technique or analogy is a great way to approach it. This type of strategy would also help to eliminate awkward silences.
S.A. HUM/114

Anonymous said...

I think this is great advice on how to have a conversation. Not hogging the ball is important. Many of us do not listen enough. We can learn alot from and about each other if we toss the ball.

Mary R/HUM/114

Anonymous said...

This is precisely the idea behind having a conversation. It involves more than one person. I know a few people in the business world that could benefit from this analogy.

Billie Turner HUM/114

Berenice said...

i love to meet new people and i want my communication improve better.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Perez RT
I know I am a good listener, but I don't think of myself as much of a talker. I found it interesting that you should you should tell less.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Perez RT
Iknow I am a good listener, but i don't think of myself as much of a talker. Ifound it interesting that you should say less.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

I appreciate the mental picture this post brings to mind. Now if more people would realize how communication is actually meant to work, maybe less people would have their noses stuck in their pda, smartphones, and or tablets.