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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Listening and Critical Thinking

 Listening and Critical Thinking
a.     Adults listen 50% or less
b.     Teenagers listen 25% or less
c.      Listening is a voluntary active process, it is psychological
d.     Hearing is physiological
e.     You can learn to listen
f.      Studies show that those who practice listening skills are less likely to develop memory loss in any form
g.     Studies show that those who practice listening skills get better grades, higher pay and achieve their goals more often than those who do not.
h.     Critical thinking requires active listening
i.       Critical thinking involves being able to access the strengths and weaknesses of an argument
j.       Critical thinking involves being able to distinguish between the fact, theory and opinions of an argument
k.     Critical thinking allows for thinking outside of the box
l.       Critical thinking allows for compromise and growth
m.   Critical thinking involves being able to judge the credibility of sources
n.     Critical thinking requires accessing the quality of evidence
o.     Critical thinking involves discerning relationships between ideas
p.     Critical thinking involves priorities on what to remember and in what context
q.     Critical thinking allows for fewer mistakes and reduces trial and error in everyday life
r.      Critical thinking DOES NOT MEAN NEGATIVE THINKING!
s.      Critical thinking is a normal process that requires practice and reinforcement
t.      Critical thinking is an active process
u.  Critical thinking requires and open mind and the ability to consider and
      understand all sides in an issue.
v.  Critical thinking means replacing name calling and slogans with reason,
     compromise and the ability to persuade instead of attack.


Linda B said...

I don't think most people know that critical thinking is not negative thinking, its such a fine line between the two and I would be correct to say most people blur that line. Its also nice to know that people can learn to listen, I know some people in my life who could use that.
Linda Ndenga.

Mitch Yang said...

Teenagers or children listen 25% or LESS!!!

Anonymous said...


COM 101

Michael J. Jones said...

Now when my wife says "I told you that a week ago or why do I have to repeat myself" I can explain to her that Adults only listen about 50% or less of the time... :)

Did you know that iPods are the #1 cause among this generation's hearing loss? ScienceDaily (Dec. 16, 2005)

Anonymous said...

These steps will definitely help me become a better listener and critical thinker. Thanks

Chris Jackson

Anonymous said...

John Allen said whattt.

Anthony Reed said...

I was a loyal listener for up until age 26, after that i became the talker because i was able from extreme amounts of association of listening to liars to be able to desire to tell the truth in all my words.

Anthony Reed

Anonymous said...

As this article stated a lot, critical thinking requires lots of listening and that we don't listen too much. I know this is true for myself, I like listening to people when they talk especially when its about experiances they have because then I feel like i can share other peoples experiances with others. Though I know I don't like to listen when a topic comes up that I'm not interested in, I try to listen because I know that it is for the better. The fact that adults listen more then kids or teenagers kind of amazes me because you would expect them not to because I feel like they more then half the time feel like they know everything so never listen to younger people. I always try my best when talking to adults because i feel like they're most of the time words of wisdom that could better help me later in time.

Jeremy Matul

SJ Walker BC03 said...

Really clears some things up for me. Also explains what ive been doing wrong.

Dane Gerace Com101-6002 said...

Now I have proof that its not my fault that I miss half of what people are saying. Earning more money though is a good enough reason for me to practice listening skills more.

Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

listening 25% or less...thats crazy, how are we ever going to learn anything if we dont listen?!

Anonymous said...

If only I would have learned to listen more than 50% I wouldn't be rushing on these posts!

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

I try to use logic during "conversations" with my wife. She almost always wins, as I find myself defending my position using logic, and she dismisses my comments to focus on her misguided and illogical comments. So while I think the statement, "Critical thinking requires and open mind and the ability to consider and understand all sides in an issue," is valid, il-logic is sometimes a very powerful tool. It is therefore as important to understand many facets of any discussion.
Alan Kennamer

Anonymous said...

It blows my mind that adults listen 50% or less and teenagers listen 25% or less.. This makes me think.. DO WE EVER LISTEN FULLY?

Andrea Scardino

Anonymous said...

Listening... What?

Anonymous said...

Critical thinking opens up a whole new way of life. Personal Growth!!

Mary R

Anonymous said...

critical thinking...over thinking...under thinking...thinking to hard...thinking to long...thinking wrong...thinking right...thinking all ove the place...just thinking...when you should be listening....barbara...hum/114 - 12/2011

Anonymous said...

adults tend to stop listening because they start becoming annoyed by their children's one word answers. Listening can let new ideas grow from old beliefs and most people, young and old really just want to be heard.
Shirley Hartman Hum/114 wk3

Anonymous said...

For us college student listening as well as being able to critically think can be the difference between graduating and not.

Donald H. -UOPX

Jasmine (uop)Hum 114 said...

I feel that creative thinking can not be fully useful if you are unaware of how to critically think and project/ bring your idea to light. Being creative is a plus, anyone can come up with unique ideas, but i feel that the main part is being able to properly project and make use of your creative idea.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to think of how many people don't even attempt to critically think. Some are just so closed off to any side that is not their own. Not even listening to what people are saying. Not reasoning and understanding where the other person is coming from and their reasoning.
Brent Wilson
Com101 4080

Anonymous said...

Listening is important in every aspect of life. It's dissapointing that people only listen 50%, 25%, or less.

Erin Penman
Sec. 4080

Jana said...

I consider critical thinking as a process of investigating and thinking with an open-mind. I never related it to listening. At my age, I welcome the opportunity to learn to listen, to think outside the box, to distinguish between fact, theory and opinions of an argument. I could also benefit from higher pay and reduced trials and errors in my daily life.
Jana Henning
Summer, 2012

Anonymous said...

I liked the comment of how the guy has an excuse when he can't remember that his wife told him something that sounds familiar sometimes! I wish this post said more about how to be a good listener. I want all the memory I can get I have been around a grandam that can't remember her own grand children's names. it makes me sad.Gwen Dennett com 101 sec 4255

Gary said...

Does anyone know what the numbers in the diagram refer to? I would like to see the whole work, if this is part of a paper or article. My e- mail is bartho1154@gmail if you could send me a link.

Rachele Barela said...

Makes a lot of sense, I love the fact that we can teach ourselves to listen the way we choose to.

Anonymous said...

The part about practicing listening skills reducing the chances of memory loss is fascinating. I wonder if it can prevent or slow diseases such as Alzheimer's.

S. Hayes PTA

Anonymous said...

How do you practice your listening skills? Do people actually practice these skills.

JoeRandazzo RT

Anonymous said...

I really agree with people listen 50% or less!
There is so mnay times where you will be talking and whoever is listening is not paying attention whatsoever! And it so frustrating to have to repeat yourself because someone was to busy texting or watching TV!