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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As the boat sinks...

And the Dems scream and point at the GOP, and the GOP screams and points at the Dems. The Liberals point at the Conservatives, the Conservatives point at the Liberals. The Tea Party points at whoever it is they don’t like, Independents, whoever…. Meanwhile, another U.S. Corporation is depositing another several million in U.S. dollars into a Swiss or Caribbean bank account. The money they’re depositing was made from sales of products like: shoes, or bananas, or a cell phones or something, whatever. The products were sold in the U.S. at places like Walmart, or Best Buy, or wherever, purchased by Americans looking for bargains or something affordable. The products they purchased were made or manufactured in someplace like China or Central America, or Indonesia, or wherever. So, we’re all sitting in this big boat pointing our fingers and yelling at each other, while Rats have been gnawing holes into the wood that make up the hull.

By jcdaniel62


Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

LOL - such is life, right?!

taboada hn4041 said...

feels so true, they all are yelling and just playing the blame we keep sinking