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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Speak clearly or be left behind

A word to the wise from Mike Plaisted

Many people put opportunities at risk by the way they leave their names and phone numbers.

I received a call from a female actor a few days ago inquiring about the Empress Theatre Workshop.

My wife and I have listened to the message a couple of dozen times and cannot even guess at what the first three digits of the ten digit number are. Not only that, we cannot figure out what her name is. 

State your name slowly and clearly and consciously leave a beat between each digit of your phone number and you may be surprised at how many more return calls you receive.

-Thank you to Michael and the VIP's for this reminder


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this surprise me? When we stop to think about the fact that we spend a lot of time texting, emaling, blogging, tweeting, etc.; we might come to the realization that we are forgetting how to "speak" and how to properly articulate. I strongly feel that we are hurting ourselves by not using our most important given talent, "the art of communication"
Every other new idea that comes out seems to affect our basic communication process. I just ask myself one question: What's next?

Marga Becht

Rena said...

I totally agree, my husband has noe idea how to articualte himself. I believe that he used to be able too, but he worked all by himself for 14 years with very little physical contact. I am trying to reintroduce him to talking in society and it is tough!

carla parker said...

I agree with all of the above. I tell my daughter why do you text so much. I looses the excitment of a conversaiton. I makes them loose the ability to laugh, because all they do is LOL. This is not a way to be in touch with emotions and to learn an effective way of communication. I am glad I was able to have the awkward converstion on the phone before our first date.
Carla Parker
Com 101

keisha whs115 said...

people just dont think, talk slow and clear because if you dont i am not going to waste my time listening to your mumbling and try and figure it out. If you have such a hard time leaving a message just email/

keisha morrissey
com 101

Anonymous said...

The clearer you speak the better people will understand you.

Chris Jackson

Anonymous said...

Excellent reminder, especially when recording important information, not just conversation.

Jill Pentkowski
Com 101

Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

Such a common sense thing...yet many people can't do it. I'm a real estate agent & people call me without leaving a number some times?! Normally, I leave my name and number twice (beginning & end) in a message so the recipient doesn't have to be annoyed & listen to the message twice. They should teach Common Sense 101 in school!

Anonymous said...

People always leave messages on our work phone and many times they do not clearly state their name or number. How do they expect us to contact them back?

Angelina Gomez
HN 4041

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, I have learned this at work because there are a lot of voice mails to go through and a few people speak so quickly it becomes unclear what the number they just left was.

Michael Dubia - COM 101

Iuliia Decker / BC 6003 said...

))) Yes, this situation sounds familiar. Usually it's speaker's mistakes, but sometimes, listeners. We definitely should speak clearly and slow, especially talking on a phone.

Bill Bartels said...

Act the part. If you want people to take you professionally you must act like it.
Bill Bartels COM101-BC6003

Anonymous said...

How many times have I not been able to understand a message on the phone? Or what people are trying to say in person. In a world of image and perfection, it is interesting that we have forgotten speech, articulation and the communication model.

Anonymous said...

I might be one of the rare few that hates both texting and talking on the phone. I feel that if I can’t see how the person is reacting to what I’m saying to them there could be a miscommunication and things could be taken out of context. Plus I have really bad speaking skills over the phone and I never leave voicemails on my friends phone just because on playback I can’t even understand what I’m saying. Haha I’m told I’m a good pocket dialer though!

Julie Fabre
BC 6003

Anonymous said...

Speaking clearing is definetely important. Slowly is good too. Especially when dealing with the elderly or individuals that speak english as a second language and are not really goos at it. You definetely want people to be able to understand what is being said, or you are just wasting everybody's time.

Mary Renteria

Anonymous said...

Interestingly a news article from Canada says that technology might be playing a part in this:

Can't say whether it is or isn't, but I know I'm game for cerebral implants for telepathy so I can just think it and have it be said to the person without actually saying it. That could be dangerous, Although it does remove this problem of people speaking too fast or not being able to clearly understand a person. You are able to get the message straight from the source, none of this grapevine effect of brain to mouth problems and stumbling upon your own words.

Ryan Clift
Com 101 - 4049

Britny Nieznanski said...

Almost every voicemail I get I have to listen over about 5 times. Always make sure to state your name and phone number twice!

Anonymous said...

Really, this just makes common sense... But I have said it many times before that , in general, people have no common sense. And common sense is different in every person's perspective. What may be common sense in my perspective may not be that of my neighbor.

Nicole Baxter
com 101-4080

Bridget West COM 101-4080 said...

It really bugs me when I receive voicemails that I can't understand. I honestly think that technology has a lot to do with why we don't speak clearly anymore. If you think about it, our generation mostly types instead of talking - texts, facebook, writing reports, etc. I feel like we're losing a lot of our communication skills because of this.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the advice. I should write this down somewhere so I don't make this mistake myself. Especially if you need to leave this information during job hunting.

Rebecca Johnson 4049

Anonymous said...

I definately agree. Thank god for phones being able to have caller ID because I can't understand 80% of stranger's voice mails.
Breanna Linsley
COM 4080

Anonymous said...

Haha they didn't know you also taught communication skills? I think they should come on down to class and learn a few things. I hate when that happens. Not really unless I was expecting the call.

Andrew Govea Com 101-4049

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, i learned a lot in ASL (American Sign Language) in deaf culture.

Anonymous said...

I take this advice personally. Not in a bad way. I tend to mumble and people have to ask me repeatedly to say it again. Good advice.

Erin Penman
Sec. 4080