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Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick to criticize, too lazy to think critically and look at all sides....

The lines and understanding of sources of information have blurred with too many people ignorant or just insistent on not paying attention to the difference.

One example is documentaries, including programs on cable TV "documentary" and information channels. A documentary has no obligation to be academic or juried, to be balanced or journalistic. They tell a story from a point of view, an opinion, a cause.

"Waiting for Superman" paints only a partial picture of education with a strong bias. Teachers can be fired. Most teachers "unions" are not even unions in the traditional sense and have little or no teeth. Without unions teachers can be terminated because of the personality of a new principal or when they bring in their own staff or cronies. The balanced truth would look at the lack of education for teachers, lowering of standards, lowering or uneven nature of budgets, lack of books and supplies (teachers pay a great deal out of pocket to make up for this), relatively low pay levels, decreased parental responsibility, gangs, aging facilities, rapid changes in technology, decrease in the core family traditions, changes in communities, increase in juvenile disease and other medical problems (environmental?), influx of non-English speaking students, decrease in graduation opportunities and an overall shift away from tax support of education have contributed to an uneven, tiered, and decaying level of K-12 education. Cutting funds will not help.

Any Michael Moore documentary contains more to entertain and generate interests than any attempt at balanced coverage. That does not mean he is right or wrong, and by no means is this limited to his films, but they present a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the power and one sided information of the art form.

Many people really believe what they see in movies is real. From "Titanic" to "Pearl Harbor" to fiction based in any historic time period, viewers begin to think the story is real and the depiction accurate, when story is the goal, and any historic setting simply a background for telling the story, not an attempt at truth, fact and accuracy.

Any film or video cannot communicate with the depth of books, or research studies, or actual experience.

Short items on the Internet, including recent video and audio "stings" are believed and powerful, despite editing, contextual errors and obvious bias and even prejudice in their execution, production and release.

Yet people believe what they see and hear, especially when they are inclined to believe it in advance.

The result.

Devastating budget cutting in the name of "fiscal responsibility," with absolute denial of the pain, suffering and long term setbacks in the public well being and our competitive position in the world marketplace.

Why is that?

Why to one in three people still think that President Obama is not an American?

Why do so many people believe the health care reforms are "Obamacare" when he did not get most of what he felt was needed?

Why do people point at increased cost and no savings from Obamacare, despite the fact that almost none of the plan has even taken effect, and the cost increases are actually less than historic rises over the past decade in health care costs?

Because people do not want fact, juried information, truth or to even hear the other side of any argument. We want to be "right", to fight and to stand by our guns, whether or not we are pointing at the proper targets.

Why is that?

First published 3/11/2011


Anonymous said...

People are lazy.

Nicholas Ambe said...

I'm going to have to agree with Anonymous its easy for people to sit back and become critics with their friends but none of them ever step up and really do research to prove their point of view.

Veronica Aguirre said...

People keep watching only Fox News.

Veronica Aguirre Lopez
Com 101 940

dulcenea leae com101-4041 said...

Agree with Anonymous and Nicholas. A lot of people have become lazy and are reeled in so easily with what media says is true without taking the extra time to find out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully those lazy people are lazy enough to state their opinion but never really act on it!

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

I would agree as well. I mean why have to sit there and do research to come up with your own opinion when someone has already done it for you? JUST LAZY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do have to say that people become critics very quickly when they do not like something but no one really ever thinks before they speak. If people just thought before they spoke and maybe did a little research then one can become a critic.
Andrea Scardino
Art Lynch

Anonymous said...

I agree that people are lazy. Researching for the truth, which is so much easier to access these days, is to much work for them. People that do not truly care about the subject in which are speaking. do not care if is true or not. They just say whatever they want. If they had to stand or walk to talk, we would have less people talking bull. Pure laziness!! How can you be a critic without knowing all the sides?? There is definitely to much "what you see is what you think" going on.
Take the time and do the research. The knowledge gained is worth it!!

Mary Renteria