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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The Number One Threat..."

"We Are One" National Protest Planned in Dr. Martin King's Memory

On April 4, 1968 civil rights giant Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. Most people remember Dr. King as civil rights pioneer. What most don’t recall is that Dr. King was a powerful advocate for union rights. On April 4, 1968 he was in Memphis to appear on behalf of local sanitation workers who were on strike for a five cent an hour raise.

Dr. King called the spread of Right-to-Work legislation the number one threat facing minorities, women, the poor and the middle class in America (1964).
Unions across the nation will mark the anniversary of Dr. King’s murder with a protest against the killing of employee rights in places like Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, and the efforts to do the same in other states.

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J Purkiss said...

Nevada is a right to work state. Meaning you can choose to be in the union instead of forced into it. Anytime there is no choice, it is wrong. California is a perfect example. There is no choice. Do we want to mimic their "wonderful" situation?

Rena said...

Again, I am confused about the Union. I belong to the NSEA but I strongly appose them protecting teachers that don't do their job. Who stops it and hows????!!!

Anonymous said...

Unions are democracies. If you are in a union and do not agree with its policies, then you have the right to run for office, vote or influence your leadership in other ways. Unions need to stand up for the very existence of unions, as a priority for their long term survival and the wages, benefits and working conditions of their membership. Often union leaders and staff are more informed than membership who may differ in views. If those members are right they can "inform" their leaders or vote them out.

Anonymous said...

Not only do many companies and corporations not respect the rights of their employees, but they are laying them off faster than ever. The lay off these workers and use machines or illegals to work for little to no cost.

Angelina Gomez
HN 4041

Anonymous said...

I heard that the union can easily screw you over but from the other side of it my roommate is part of the union and loves the benefits he gets. I've also never really understood the union but I do know that MLKJ should of never got assassinated, he was a true hero.

-Mireika Edwards COM101

Bill Bartels said...

Celebrate the Dr.'s life, don't mix the two agendas. Find a new leader, he's been dead for 40 years.
Bill Bartels COM101-BC6003

Anonymous said...

King support of unions, of the working man, of the poor and of social services is well documented. His religious beliefs drove him, as did his passion for liberty and justice for all Americans. These are facts, not things to be written off as ancient history or current politics. They are the underlying foundation of what it means to be an American if we are to remain a strong nation and not slip back into the slavery of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is happening, but the slavery is economic.

Anonymous said...

People in Right to Work states can be terminated for no reason at all, because a supervisor does not like your cloths or your race or your native language or what side of the bed you woke up on. Without unions and with the spread of right-to-work laws we would all be facing loss of our incomes and our homes on the whim of an employer.

Anonymous said...

I think that it’s great that we have advocates such as MLK who spoke and continue to speak up for minorities. As far as the union, I think that although they are democracies they are needed to keep a balance out for employees. I’m apart of the teamsters local 995 because of my job and I love the benefits that I’m given and it gives me a sense of security with my job especially in the tough economy right now in the union they are required to give you a 90 day advance to find a new job before you fired, instead of being dropped on the spot it’s good to know that I’ll be given a warning to find a new job.

Julie Fabre
BC 6003

jessica Johnson COM 101 4041 said...

Just because a state is a right to work state does not mean that you should fear your job. If you are a bad employee, then fear your job. I know far too many union members laid off right now, in fact, more than the non union people I know. Some unions are good, some bad. Some workplaces care about their employees, some dont. Are unions a fix to the problem, my opinion is no, but yours may vary. Just like HMO's. I had one and loved it. Many others loathed it. Its all perspective.

Anonymous said...

RTW has led to the decline in average pay (stagnation when adjusted for inflation), loss of industrial jobs, decrease in tax revenue base, and many other things damaging the average and lower income American. King saw it coming. Complacency and ignorance today has people defending it and accepting it. It has done no good for minorities or the common worker.

Randy M. bc6003 said...

Nevada is a RIGHT TO WORK state and I do not agree with the policy of it. An employer CAN fire you for no reason unless there is a contract involved. Total BS!

Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

I support Right to Work. If you are doing your job you are probably not at risk. I've hired & fired people & it's much easier w/o a lot of contracts & red usually need to documentation things anyway for compliance & so you don't get sued.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to be ethnocentric by age or health...Those who become ill, who are older, who have given their all to a company can be terminated at will in a right to work state. Age, race, ethnicity, language, new boss, new ownership, sex/gender all make you subject to termination no matter how hard you work.

King rightfully saw discrimination at all levels, starting with race, being made easier by right-to-work which does nothing for workers but makes it easier for business to profit on the backs of the workers.

RTW states have higher illegal aliens in the work force, a less educated work force, overall lower pay, usually lower education levels and poorer health care.

There is a reason.

Leslie Gomez-COM 101 Sec. 4041 said...

This guy should be remembered for many, many great accomplishments he made. He contributed to so many changes we have today.