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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ethical Speaking (8 simple bullet points)

Ethical speaking (applies to all forms of speech) involves

1.     Responsible knowledge

2.     Reasonable knowledge

3.     Covers all major reasonable options

4.     Covers all responsible options

5.     Is fair

6.     Is objective

7.     Keeps in mind the effect on the listeners

8.     Takes responsibility for the effect and response of listeners


Nick D. said...

Understanding ethics is extremely important. The reading material for this class has shed some light on subjects that are paramount. Documenting sources properly is time consuming but necessary in avoiding unethical presentations.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nick, it is of utmost importance that we understand ethics, but just as important is to practice being ethical. This class has definetely impacted my views in a lot of issues, and the ethics issue has been the one that has given me a glimpse of the reality that surrounds us.

Marga Bechtel

jasmine said...

A course in comprehension of ethics is one many need. If they’ve had one it needs to be taken again. There is nothing wrong with standing your ground but be sure to review ALL ends of any spectrum before analyzing something. Sit back and really LISTEN, observe, feel, if you don’t we might as well be computers or machines. Communications is needed everywhere, but we must first know how to identify our ethics and values before we will ever be able to properly covey anything!
COM 101 SEC 940

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone preparing for a public speech would focus on those 8 points. Exactly like what has been said above, you can make your point effectively and still keep high ethical standards

Jordon Diab

Amber said...

Not only is keeping these ethical standards important, but it will also broaden the audience that will be open to the issue. Also practicing these standards will also open your own mind and you may learn that what you thought you believed is not what you actually believe. Knowledge is power, pursue knowledge.
Amber Fearon
Com 101
Sm 930

Nicholas Ambe said...

A great and helpful tool that everyone should look over before they are to give a speech of any kind.

Jessica Johnson said...

I have noticed that every section of education is now really focusing on ethics. It is important to consider the 8 items listed.
Jessica Johnson COM 101-4041

Michael Ratcliff: HUM/114 said...

All 8 of these points of Ethical Speech are a solution to a problem. Expressing this problem points out the challenges of ethical speaking when speaking to a group of people. A person must remember to have this in the conscience when speaking, regardless of what the subject is. This helps keeps the focus of audience in order, when utilizing these points. After everything is identified to the audience, the speaker will fill a sense of relief because the subject has been expressed in a way that tells the audience what the thought process is to the situation.

Anonymous said...

Charity Williams HUM/114

When speaking, we must understand the importance of ethics. The eight points listed are vital when preparing a speech. Knowing and understanding these eight points can help you prepare a powerful and affective speech.

Anonymous said...

Our readings have spoke about ethics, and the power of language. There are many ways to present a word, or topic. As a speaker, you need to pick the right one, and relate to your audience. Not offend them.

-Camille Sunseri, BC 6003

Anonymous said...

I believe ethics are not taken seriously in our news debates. Audiences across the country are easily manipulated into certain points of views because ethics are not apart of our television.
Christy Delfs 6002

Anonymous said...

As others above have said, ethics really depends on you as the speaker because you can easily manipulate it to be either good or bad for your stand, and if you don't fully understand them, then it can turn around and hurt you.

Jeremy Matul, BC 6003

cassandra smith BC 6003 said...

I believe that ethics are important in communication but also it is important in life. I you use these ethic I am sure it will be easier to find a job or do better in the job you already have. Also it is quiet easy to manipulate the human mind if you are not close-minded of course. I honesty think that television and all sorts of media are manipulative and it changes peoples views on life everyday. Therefore media and even people are manipulative be careful who you listen to and make sure there is evidence before you start to believe what someone or the media tells you.
Cassandra Smith
Com 101 BC 6003

Iuliia Decker / BC 6003 said...

it is very important to know and use these ethical speaking rules. And at the same time it is really easy... You just try to improve yourself each time you have a speech or just everyday conversation

Anonymous said...

Without ethics, you do not have an audience. You need a foundation on which people can base your credibility on.

Billie Turner

Anonymous said...

Ethical speaking shows respect for your listeners. when you show respect towards your listeners you are more likely to express your message better because the audience is more willing to listen to what you have to say.
Shirley Hartman HUM/114 wk3

Anonymous said...

Great ethical speaking is something that everyone should have. It will help so much when you're trying to get a promotion for a job or when you are required to do presentations. It can help you to better connect with your listeners. Erik E. Lopez HUM/114

Shung Lee said...

Ethics is a hard topic. This post reminded me of a time I was at an interview, and I was asked to describe myself in three words. Ethical came up and the interviewer quickly cut me off. He asked if I drove on the freeway to get to the interview, and I answered yes. He asked how fast I was driving and if I drove under the speed limit the whole time. That experience has shed a different light for me about ethics.

Glubis Valdivieso said...

So these are the basic building blocks to improving your speeches. I'm guessing these are the steps to acing our speeches.

Berenice said...

i agree with nick and

Anonymous said...

Yes, these are a great start, but it is important to realize and understand that people have different ideas of what is ethical. Even if they hold a similar view, they may disagree on amounts or reasonableness. The idea of hurting some to benefit a majority, for example, is a sacrifice many would take. But how much is okay to hurt and to what benefit?
-Nicole H.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

This is a great tool that I will be sure to use in my speeches.