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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Symbolic Interactionism

  • Symbolic Interactionism

    Humans act toward people, things, and events on the basis of the meanings they assign to them. Once people define a situation as real, it has very real consequences. Without language there would be no thought, no sense of self, and no socializing presence of society within the individual. (Socio-cultural tradition)

  • Symbolic Interaction
    • Communication through symbols; people talking to each other.
  • Minding
    • An inner dialogue used to test alternatives, rehearse action, and anticipate reactions before responding; self-talk.
  • Taking the role of the other
    • The process of mentally imagining that you are someone else who is viewing you.
  • Looking-Glass Self
    • The mental image that results from taking the role of the other; the objective self; me.
  • I
    • The spontaneous driving force that fosters all that is novel, unpredictable, and unorganized in the self.
  • Me
    • The objective self; the image of self seen when one takes the role of the other.
  • Generalized other
    • The composite mental image a person has of his or her self based on community expectations and responses.
  • Participant observation
    • A method of adopting the stance of an ignorant yet interested visitor who carefully notes what people say and do in order to discover how they interpret their world.
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy
    • The tendency for our expectations to evoke responses that confirm what we originally anticipated. 


Clint Alexander said...

Total sociology and psychology. This is cool to me because i am taking those classes now and i had spoken with people before about how you talk to yourself in your head when you think. now i can actually put definitions to what that is called.

Carla Parker said...

To Clint, Ive taken sociology also and it is an amaxing class, it taugh me how we are all really one race. All expressions for feelings, around the world are the same. We all hurt the same and love the same. Men and woman around the world might use different ways of expressing the pain, and the love but the feeling is the same. Enjoy your class, good luck this semester.

Carla Parker

Stephanie Saunders said...

I'm also taking sociology and just covered this in class. It's interesting to learn about processes that individuals do everyday that most are unaware to. These concepts such as the looking glass self and taking the role of the other are extremely important in communicating and learning to interact with others.

Com101, 117

Bonnie Dolbee said...

This also helps with Critical Thinking; if you take the class, as it makes you stop and think about it first. Sociology shows us how language is used in many cultures in our country as well as in others.

Trevino01 said...

This is very interesting to me because it is cool to see how everybody communicates differently. I am taking a sociology class this semester so I am learning all about this. This is how peoples's true characteristics show.