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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marketing to "new" Seniors

Larger print, easier to handle packages, fewer shades of yellow and blues, diapers that look like underwear, a little gray and allot athlete...

When baby boomers call ADT Security Services Inc. with questions about medical-alert alarms, they get operators specially trained to be sensitive to their needs. Top of the list: Don't remind them that they've aged.

"Boomers are used to being independent, and they get agitated if you're talking too slowly," says Barry Primm, an ADT home-health team manager who trains new operators to speak quickly and get to the point with these callers. "They just want to get it done, fast and business-like."

The generation that sent diaper sales soaring in the 1960s, bought power suits in the 1980s and indulged in luxury cars in the 2000s is getting ready to retire: The oldest boomers turn 65 this year. To accommodate their best customers' needs, American companies are overhauling product lines, changing their marketing and redesigning store layouts.

But there's a catch: Baby boomers, famously demanding and rebellious, don't want anyone suggesting they're old.

For the complete story and examples of how companies are marketing to the Baby Boomers, go to Wall Street Students I suggest you go through the school library computer site, a subscription may be required and  your fees may cover subscription on-line.


Breyon Miller said...

This is interesting because you hear a lot about the baby boom back when it was happening, but you usually don't hear about how it is affecting us now, or what even happened to all of them. This shows what is going on in the world today, that was caused by something in the past.

firstSTREET said...

You make a very good point about the way "new" seniors want to be treated. I think these general differences between age groups will continue even as the baby boomers become older, they will still retain the knowledge and experience which allows them to conquer new challenges and remain independent. Great insights, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

"New" seniors are hit hardest by this recession yet most people do not invite them into their household to live, or do what needs to be done to respect their elders. Why is that?