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Monday, August 25, 2014


From a student:

One of these characters actually supported unions initially...or he wouldn't have made it to power. It is important to understand that all "ultimate power seeking" individuals and groups always say they support the "common man or worker" thru unions, strong nationalism (think of a country in itself as a union), or collectives. They all say this in public, even if their actual actions (use of brownshirts or blackshirts to suppress opposition) is what they really believe in. Also, who is it in our government that "has taken dictatorial power" and now wants to dissolve trade unions AND collective bargaining? Are you trying to paint certain elected officials (like Walker) as dictators? If so, why don't you just come and say it rather than beating around the bush? That sure seems to be the implied message once you read the student comment pasted below the comment in blue. Very sneaky...and devious game you are playing!!! Anyone with any brains in a political position knows that it is political suicide to suggest disbanding unions in this day and time. Therefore, it is logical/reasonable that someone, or a group "not in a dictatorial position" would most certainly "not support or suggest disbanding unions". As for collective bargaining, that's a moot point if the union's disbanded anyway. Some Hitler history: In 1933, Hitler disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car. The primary goal of Germany’s national socialists (Nazi Party) was to “create a classless” society. Hitler’s unions were front and center in this cause. In fact, Hitler gave the unions their long-awaited demand, one that the Weimar unions were never able to pull off, a National Labor Day, May 1, 1933. March 24th, 1933 is when Hitler officially gained dictatorial power.

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