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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The difference between the parties

Warning: this was written to stimulate debate, passion, thought and open communication. There is something for everyone to not like in the post below. It contains broad generalities, which may no apply to any individual or group but may or may not apply as part of the larger canvas. Read it with the intent of understanding "noise", screens, filters and debate in mind...

A simple way of looking at the divide in American politics.

The Republican party was and is the party of the mob, gangsters and organized crime.

The Democratic party is the party of immigrants, workers and organized labor (no comment).

Republicans tend to be white collar or aspiring to become white collar.

Democrats tend to be blue collar or the lower class aspiring for higher pay and better living conditions.

There are members of both parties who are poor, middle class and wealthy.

While the difference may not be significant, Republicans do tend to be older and Democrats younger. There are people of all ages in both parties.

An increasingly large number of voters do not identify with either party, but most Ameicans who vote, still vote along one party line or the other.

Democrats tend to believe that we are our brother's keeper, supporting low cost education as a "need" not a "want", medical and social services as a "need" and no a "want", and believing whether they admit it or not "there but for the will of God go I."

Republicans tend to believe in bootstraps, the will and ability of all Americans to lift themselves up, and the phrase "its your bed, you lie in it." They see the services Democrats seek in government as belonging to families and churches, whether or not those cultures can afford or have the expertise to provide them.

Democrats believe that public safety is the state's responsibility and that the best way to approach safety is through prevention mixed with enforcement, attacking the root problems and finding the core cause.

Republicans tend to believe public safety means military, police, fire and basic services with most o the burden on the individual.

Democrats are a large tent of often disagreeing elements representing grass roots, special interests groups, working America, women, minorities and some say "socialist."

Republicans have a smaller tent representing big business, those who feel safe in their investments, mostly male, mostly white, almost all conservative.

Democrats are 60 to 70% female, depending on the surveys at any given time.

Republicans are 65 to 80% male, again depending on the survey.

Democrats tend to form organizations and govern by consensus from the bottom up.

Republicans tend to work from the top down, in a much more structured and descent resistant structure.

Democrats are more likely to be centrist, although they have their "left", "progressives" and even conservative wings of the party.

Republicans are increasingly leaning "right" and away from center (moderate Republican fell in this past election and those that remain are finding it hard to function in office. That brings us back to Republicans being a centralized party.

Both parties have overspent and led to budget deficits. The truth is the economy, wars, disasters and other needs lead to deficits, not over-spening Democrats or Republicans.

Democrats tend to be those who see a need for change, or who are in positions where they need assistance or change to help maintain or advance their families.

Republicans tend to resist change or seek to "turn back the clock" to a perceived better time. They too believe this in the name of their families and personal needs and positions.

Rural America, while having both parties, tends to lean Republican.

Urban America tends to have large percentages Democrat.

Suburban America tends to be Republican.

The 'haves' tend toward Republican while the 'have not's" depend on Democrats.

Except for California the growth areas of the west tend Republican (California is split much as the country is, but in elections leans Democrat). Established eastern cities and the once great "rust belt" lean Democrat. The south is in transition.

Democrats believe that we have "term limits", they are called elections.

Republicans tend to believe term limits are needed to "clean out" Washington and keep the other party from maintaining power (except when they are in power).

Moderates in both parties know the value of not having term limits, as they are the ones who compromise, and make legislation happen and work.  Its about history, relationships, ideologies and the "game" of politics.

Both parties have religious followers, faiths, and beliefs as a core.

Both parties take funds from lobbyist and special interests.

Both parties support the military.

Both parties have gotten us into wars, although statistically Republicans tend to be the ones who launch Americans into harms way.

Both parties have "blue bloods", "hot bloods", anger, resentment, hatred, discrimination, greed, corruption and do all groups and individuals.

Both parties believe that their vision is the one that reflects "Americans" and is best for America.

We have a two party system.

I hope that after reading this, and there are generalities to disagree with or get angry over concerning both parties in what I have written, I hope you will see the need to chill out, move toward center and start finding common needs and goals.

Or America suffers,

The two party system can work.

It has in the past.

Have we changed that much?

First posted 2-1-2009


jcdaniel62 said...

Random thoughts in response to: 'The Difference Between The Parties'...

I have to wonder why it is that our overall sociopolitical picture in this country places us all
on this sort of linear scale (conservative-right vs liberal-left), as if all ideology were a pH factor.
You're either alkaline or acid or somewhere in between.

What some Republicans don't seem to get, is many Americans don't have boots, let alone bootstraps. For many, obtaining boots 'n straps is nearly impossible. many of us are lucky to have socks.... "So?... Why is that my problem?" asked Millworth.

As politicians on either the right or the left side climb their ladder, achieving higher offices,I would think that their respective ideologies would become less important, taking a backseat to their drive for power and affluence. For example, you've just raised and spent literally (and I do mean literally) several millions of dollars to get elected, and then you say WE all have to make 'sacrifices', and 'tough choices', and that WE need to SPEND LESS and have a smaller government. How can a real person moving in those kind of circles, dealing with that kind of money, honestly, in his/her mind and heart of hearts, actually represent any majority of Americans, right or left, who by the way, have never even seen anything close to a million dollars?

I personally think that one solution to the problem of the current divisive political climate, might be for the general public to recognize that it's not so much a right versus left sort of thing, as it is a corruption and greed versus an honest forthright government truly serving the nation as a whole sort of thing ...naive ...probably.

Anonymous said...

The point is that there are ideological diferences that have nothing to do with greed or power or money...well almost nothing. The differences have to do with who takes care of whom, how do we care for those who do not have health care, jobs, food, shelter and so on? Do we leave it to other people, churches and good will? Do we help as a society through our government? Can either method work on its own?

PapsWraps said...

I agree that the key to successful politics is both parties working together. Hopefully this new Congress will agree as well..
Here is a link to a LA Times article showing a smidgen of Bipartisanship.

Edden Amber (COM 101) said...

I usually stray away from political conversations. Especially when it involves my friends and family. I feel as if the two party system is messed up. It has worked in the past as you stated. In recent time both parties are going further and further left or right. All the people in the middle kind of don't matter as much anymore.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the rift between the two parties has gotten much larger as of late, and much of that is due to the generalities listed above. People hear someone is of a different political party and automatically assume they are stupid,socialist, barbaric, greedy, etc. We make these judgements before even having heard what the other person has to say, and congress is now doing so too. All these generalities we're being taught are dangerous and often times false; nothing is black and white, and most people within the same party will still argue on certain topics. Generalizing the parties so specifically is driving a wedge between our politicians in a time when we desperately need to be working together.

-Anna Miriam Hardy

Darren Eames said...

One of our biggest problems as a country is partisan politics, it's an overly acceptable form of bias. Party politics force reason from the problem solving equation. We as "united" people have to change our perspective because it's obvious our elected officials lose theirs.

Nick D said...

I think a two party system can work as long as they can agree from time to time. And since were $9 trillion in debt, its going to be a tough road to travel down for future Americans. We must keep the American creed in mind and focus on the primary objectives for our nation.

RayRayJones007 said...

There seems to be an inspiring statistical goal which needs to be met by identifying samples with the much needed view of stereotypes that people believe hold true in our society. Believing one rule of the government is right may place you in an unwanted category of political concentration, but only if allowed. Also there are welcomers have given in to such permanent terms of "siding" judgement, and will nevermind if someone wishes to follow their "gang" in the fight to carry off evil from sight. However difficult, deceiving, or hated upon the terms of arguementative virtue may seem, I believe that there is a positive justification (true reason) for why we must all, at one point in time of our lives, be a Republican or Democrat.

Anonymous said...

“ Both parties have overspent and led to budget deficits. The truth is the economy, wars, disasters and other needs lead to deficits, not over-spening Democrats or Republicans.”

Actually, economist say the decision making party does effect the economy more than a war. Its policy decisions that greatly impact the economy. When Clinton left office we had a surplus. Bush’s policies on paying out national bonds combined with tax cuts hit us with a double whammy. There went the surplus plus more. Equally Obama’s health care policy is very expensive; it would definitely impact the economy. Is it too expensive for a time when the US economy is struggling…this is the question? (ALEE WHT 940)

J Purkiss said...

To be completely honest, there is no difference in the two parties. For the past 10 years the American people have heard the "changes" each candidate for every office has touted they will make and enforce. We have yet to see results or even success in any empty promise made. The bush admin is just as much a useless flop as the obama admin. Why is it we seem to be sliding down an inescapable demise despite our choice in leadership? Check the funding for both parties and you'll find MAJOR commonalities. My choice in a vote? none of the above. We are being played by intellects who use our differences against us.

Anonymous said...

From the responses, I wonder how many people actually read what was written. Are we so quick to blame that we do not even try to understand? I agree on the differences, which are core value differences. I think if people were to read this, and listen to each other, than maybe more would get done.

Anonymous said...

It cost money to keep people safe, to help people have a life line of dignity, to provide for common health and well being...I'll go with the dems. It's lobbyist that we need to get rid of!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that both parties cannot get a long, give a little, take a little but they want it ALL. I grew up thinking organized crime were democrats because the organized labor were ran by organized crime. I always say, "Why can't we all get along!" I am not sure who created that saying but it is true especially in the corporate world. They run companies like republicans and democrats

Anita Falconetti
Comm 101-4049