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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Speaking in Public

A.     Objectives
1.     Understand the value of a course in public speaking and applications in students life of the communication model
2.     Understand the long tradition of communication studies
3.     Identify the major similarities and differences between public speaking and everyday conversation (interpersonal communication)
4.     Understand that nervousness is normal, and even desirable
5.     Investigate methods of using or controlling nerves, making it work for you as a speaker
6.     Understand the elements of the communication process and how to use them in everyday life
7.     Understand to adapt to and grow stronger from cultural diversity
8.     Understand ethnocentrism, when to use it and how to avoid it

B.     Public Speaking is vital
1.     Spreading, using and resolving ideas, influence and knowledge
2.     Public speaking touches everyone and every aspect of life
a.     Helps gain success in every aspect of life
b.     Vital as a means of civic engagement
c.      Can be a form of empowerment
d.   Influences and can even control opinion and actions
e.   Helps advancement at work, in religious and other communities
f.   Builds your own credibility (Ethos).
C.     Power
1.     Career advancement, understanding communication is a key resource
2.     Career advancement, being able to speak to groups is a key asset.
3.     Understanding and using Communication will lead to improvement in:
a.     Grades, Academics
b.     Success (Money and otherwise)
c.      Understanding others and the world around you
d.     Marketing and being marketed or sold to
e.     Civic Responsibility (more later)
4.     Skills
a.     Organizing thoughts
b.     Tailoring message to the audience
c.      Response to and adapting to feedback
d.     Seeking Maximum Impact
5.     Differences from one on one interpersonal communication
a.     Public Speaking is structured
b.     Public Speaking requires more formal language
1.     Appropriate to audience
2.     Best to communicate complete concepts and ideas
3.     You are being judged by listeners
4.     Your ethos is directly involved in communication (more later)

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Sarah lindekugel com101 4049 said...

Our objective is to understand the past the present and our future in communications. To understand how public speaking can effect mine and everyone who takes this courses' future. The power behind having public speaking skills under your belt. Very informative.