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Monday, October 15, 2012

Generating Topic Ideas

Airports, aviation, air planes lead to a wealth of possibilities for informative and even persuasive speech topics. Recently I spent some time in the main terminal and D Gate at McCarren International here in Las Vegas. The two stagnant exhibits led to topics from local history to how the Army Air Corps my father served in became the US Air Force, how Las Vegas led the way in the growth of air travel and modern resort marketing, how Boulder City almost became an international air hub, how air travel could have become a free service for tourist and why the Federal Government shot that idea down, the evolution of runways and terminals, and insight into the fields or museum cur ration and education.

Let your mind wander as you search for topics. Do not simply do the same old thing old thing others have done before. Start with something that interest you, then start to keep a list or do a mind map other things that topic may lead you to think about. From that list do another list, expanding one or two of those "branch" ideas into specific aspects of the topic. Once you have narrowed the list down to something you really find interesting, start to work on research, creative execution, outlining and presentation. Feel free to change, shift and improve as you move through the speech preparation and presentation process.

One way to approach this process is to start with your pet peeves. what annoys you? what gets you mad? What would you change if you could? Make a list. Next, make a list of the ins you enjoy. What makes you happy? What brings a a smile to your face? what can you share with others? Still another way is to think of where you have lived, cultures you have experienced, things that have happened in hour life.

If you use the brainstorm list and selection process explained above you will be able to find a subject that is new and interesting to your listeners and that you will enjoy sharing.


Edden Amber (COM 101) said...

Very interesting how you pointed out starting with a pet peeve. People love to talk about the negatives so I'm sure that list could go on for pages.

Astrea Swisnon said...

I think this is very informative and helpful. It will assit me in picking topics for my pursuassive and informative speeches. I also like that you have a lot of life expirences that tie into your everyday life, like just being at an airport can make you think and remind you of your father and his life in the military.