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Thursday, February 2, 2012

D-. Nevada is not a state for children

Child advocates rate Nevada a D-
When it comes to the welfare of Nevada's children, the state continues to do a barely passable job compared to the nation, according to a child advocacy group. In its 2010 Nevada Children's Report Card released Friday, the Children's Advocacy Alliance gave the state a D-minus overall grade, down from the D-plus of two years ago.

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amber said...

Although I did not know that Nevada had such a poor grade as a state to raise children, I knew that there must be better places. This is one reason that I am going back to school to get a degree in a field that exsists outside of Las Vegas. The D- for Nevada is another incentive to get motivated, get educated, and get out.
-Amber Fearon

Anonymous said...

Being raised here most my life I always knew that it wasn't the place to bring kids and raise them. We need to not except that and work on improving it. I'm tired of hearing that kids don't belong here, of course they do. As long as we have city's and towns we need people to run them and those people are going to have kids. We shouldn't be lazy and work at giving them a education that we as a state can be proud of.

-Joseph Stein com 101 M W 4:30pm-

Anonymous said...

I have seen first hand how little kids care and how little their parents are aware of what their kids are really doing. My brother at age 15, was in rehab for a month and a half to rehabilitate himself from drugs and alcohol. At 15! You never think it will ever be you and you're family, because I never thought it'd be my little brother.

-Camille Sunseri, BC6003

Luisa Galdamez Com 101 4041 said...

Its hard for nevada to be a state for children, especially in Las vegas. Media is not directed to them but to people over 21n years. Its hard to be outside with them because of the weather and there not many places you can take them of. There some museums but they lack funding.

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

This doesnt make any sence to me as to why Nevada doesnt make the necessary imporvements! In addition to health care and education, one of the main things that people consider before making a decision to moce into a new community is wether or not it is a good place to raise a family!! There is NOTHING to do here for kids! No theme parks, water parks, sports arenas, very few out door (or in door) activity centers, Rec. centers, nothing to do for children but get in trouble! This one really fires me up!