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Friday, December 24, 2010

Get in the holiday spirit and support our troops, I did!

Comcast, Hulu and Those Darn Little Fockers!

Any fed of the government is a fed of mine. The office of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has given its blessing to Comcast's proposed deal to take control of General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal, but with certain conditions. With Genachowski on board, odds are Comcast will get the other two votes it needs. Among the conditions being pushed are safeguards that would make it very hard for Comcast to withhold content from rival distribution services on television and online. The Justice Department has yet to say which direction it is headed on the deal. Coverage and analysis from the Los Angeles TimesWall Street Journal and the Washington Post.
Wither Hulu? One of the conditions for approval of the Comcast-NBC Univerasl pact that the FCC is considering has some wondering what it will mean for Hulu, the online video site that is co-owned by NBC, News Corp. and Walt Disney Co. The FCC wants to insure that Comcast A) can't withhold its content from online video sites to which at least one other big media company provides programming. That could be saying that Comcast can't yank content from Hulu, but it also means that Comcast would have to provide content to any Hulu competitor if one of its rivals is doing so. Confused? Well, it is the government. Analysis from All Things Digital.
Those Fockers are at it again. Even though the reviews have been less than kind and it sure seems like stars Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller are now in it for the paycheck, Universal's "Little Fockers" looks like it will get the most Christmas loot at the box office this weekend. However, it won't be as big as the other two and may take in only about $50 million. The remake of "True Grit" from the Coen Brothers is expected to perform well for Paramount. As for me, I'll be racing off to see "Gulliver's Travels." Yes, that was a joke. Box-office projections from the Los Angeles Times.