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Monday, December 20, 2010

Internet and Media News (assorted)

In the Gray Lady. There are too many media-related articles in the New York Times to do individual items, so in a Morning Fix first, we're putting them all in one easy-to-read blurb. On Sunday, the paper weighed in with its 3,000-word story on the launch of Oprah Winfrey's OWN. In Monday's paper, there are stories on the early struggles of Google TV, the debate between studios and theater owners over when movies should be made available to cable operators to put on video-on-demand, and David Carr on John Wells' "The Company Men."

Changing the Internet forever. Well, that may be a little dramatic, but the next few weeks will be big ones for the Internet. The Federal Communications Commission this week is expected to vote on rules it wants to preserve an open Internet, and sometime in the next couple weeks it will lay down conditions it wants on the Comcast-NBC Universal merger, many of which will focus on online video. The Washington Post on what's at stake.

Too much information. Get ready to think your TV knows a little too much about you. DirecTV, the nation's second-largest pay-TV distributor behind Comcast, is going full steam ahead with its so-called addressable advertising initiative, according to the Wall Street Journal. In other words, if you have a pet, you may get ads for pet supplies that your neighbor with DirecTV doesn't get. Some think this is a clever way to make viewers appreciate ads more while others, like me, see it as something of an invasion of privacy. If I had DirecTV, I might be annoyed at the company for providing material about me to advertisers, even if it is done anonymously.

-from LA Times Company Town
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