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Thursday, December 16, 2010

SAG Award Nominees Announced, Show is January 30th on TNT/TBS


Screen Actors Guild Awards 47th Annual Life Achievement Award

Ernest Borgnine



Screeners, on-line screener and free admission information will be provided to Screen ActorsGuild members by the individual distribution, production or promotional companyCheck the SAG Awards Website.

Actor® Awards Ceremony will be Simulcast Live on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, on TNT and TBS at 8 p.m. (ET), 7 p.m. (CT), 6 p.m. (MT) and 5 p.m.  (PT)

LOS ANGELES  (Dec. 16, 2010)—Nominees for the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® for outstanding performances in 2010 in five film and eight primetime television categories and for the SAG honors for film and television stunt ensembles were announced this morning in Los Angeles at the Pacific Design Center’s SilverScreen Theater in West Hollywood.

Click "read more" below for a full list of nominees and additional information on the SAG Awards and Awards Show Broadcast.

A message from the AFL-CIO

Union brothers and sisters;

Congress has passed a deal that extends emergency unemployment for more than a year. And the role you played in shining a light on the struggles of jobless Americans helped make it happen.

This is a huge relief for the more than 1.4 million long-term job seekers who already have lost their emergency unemployment benefits. But this deal comes at a terrible price: It rewards obstructionists with huge tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

To get their way, Senate Republicans terrorized millions of jobless workers—making them live in fear for months as cold weather and the holidays approached. Some of our jobless brothers and sisters lost the ability to warm their homes or put food on the table and gas in the car. Some working families even lost their homes to the Big Banks that caused our economic meltdown—all so Senate Republicans could get tax breaks for the rich. These tax cuts throw away precious resources needed for investments in jobs and will do very little to propel economic growth.

Senate Republicans have shown themselves to be morally bankrupt hypocrites. They capitalized on the hardships of our country’s most vulnerable people to extract tax cuts for their rich friends, like the top executives of Goldman Sachs. Just yesterday, they reported they’d be splitting $111 million in bonuses this January. They’ll save millions on their taxes—money that should go toward fixing the mess they helped create.

And we know this is not the end. Soon, the same lawmakers who fought to get tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires will be coming after your Social Security and Medicare. Count on it. They’ll say we need to have “shared sacrifice”—but they won’t ask Wall Street and moneyed interests to share in the sacrifice required to clean up the mess they created. Instead, they’ll come after working people.

If it wasn’t clear already, it’s clear now: We’re going to have quite a fight on our hands between now and 2012. We’ll need your help to preserve vital middle-class programs—and to beat back these deficit hypocrites at every turn.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do. Sign up for the front lines by pulling out your mobile phone right now. Send a text message with the word DEAL to 225568—we’ll send urgent alerts to your mobile phone when deficit hypocrites try to defraud the middle class by launching attacks on our Social Security, Medicare and more in 2011.

We must vigorously oppose solving our country’s long-term financial problems on the backs of working people. If the America we all love is going to survive this century—or even this decade—we’ve got to find a way to restore balance in our politics and our economy.

How do we use our power to escape caving in to Wall Street and moneyed interests? And how do we create the millions of jobs we need now and move toward a future of broadly shared prosperity? I don’t have all the answers today. But I do know we can’t keep doing what we’re doing now. I know we have to fight harder and louder and more creatively—and I know we can only win together.

Please pull out your mobile phone and text the word DEAL to 225568. We’ll keep you updated on our fight to stop deficit hypocrites from stealing our hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Two years ago, working Americans had high hopes we would ultimately emerge from the deep, punishing financial debacle with a sharp focus on a fundamentally stronger, fairer and more balanced economy. We can’t throw in the towel and give up now. Too much is at stake. We’ve got to redouble our efforts and fight harder than ever to move forward for working people. And we need you standing with us.

In solidarity,

Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

On Actors, Acting and Union

     Ever felt different, distant, shy, like you are looking at the world from an entirely different perspective then those around you?

     Ever wondered you watch people to find out how they move, talk, think, or the lives they lead?

     Ever find yourself feeling as if you were on the outside looking in?

     You could be an actor.

     Actors are the mirrors of society, the message carriers, the entertainers and in some ways the conscience of our world.

     Actors do it for love, passion, for free or for money, as an avocation, vocation, or something more than a hobby that you just can't put your finger on.

     Actors have strong opinions, view points, and are often well read or experienced in the areas, on the geographies or on the topics they choose to share with others. Yet society says that "they are only actors" and attempt to minimize or even attack what actors say or present.

     Actors have long been looked upon as the lower level of society, and in fact there was a time in history when actors were more promiscuous than the established society, including among their numbers gypsies, prostitutes, gamblers, carnies and con-men. 

    There has long been an academic and general society view of actors as emotionally immature, irrational and in effect children who need to be protected or punished.

Click on "read more" below to explore more of this commentary.

Blake Edwards is dead

His heart was as big as his talent. 

Blake Edwards, the director and writer known for clever dialogue, poignance and occasional belly-laugh sight gags in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "10" and the "Pink Panther" farces, is dead at age 88.

Edwards died from complications of pneumonia at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, said publicist Gene Schwam. Blake's wife, Julie Andrews, and other family members were at his side. He had been hospitalized for about two weeks.

Edwards had knee problems, had undergone unsuccessful procedures and was "pretty much confined to a wheelchair for the last year-and-a-half or two," Schwam said. That conceivably may have contributed to his condition, he added.

At the time of his death, Edwards was working on two Broadway musicals, one based on the "Pink Panther" movies. The other, "Big Rosemary," was to be an original comedy set during Prohibition.

"His heart was as big as his talent. He was an Academy Award winner in all respects," said Schwam, who knew him for 40 years.

-Sources: Las Vegas Review Journal, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, AP, CNN


Beware of facebook spam going around...

I opened a note from Barbara Grant saying "did you see the video of you on-line". Since I work with Barbara and as a  SAG member do not want unauthorized or non-family video of myself on-line, I clicked the link, and was swallowed into the scam. The one that shows up form me is for a free iPad. I paid for Laura's and do not own one, nor have I "tested" one (it is the hottest selling item this Christmas, why would they want free testers?).

See below..and do not open these post (from anyone).

  • FACEBOOK SPAM, came to me from Barbara Grant, and I am sure she was spammed. I would never offer iPad giveaway or video of you. Watch out for both and do not open them!
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  • Hey Steve I got a free ipad to test out and keep. They are only giving away 10 more or so, so I'm showing you this. They make great christmas gifts!
    Let me know if you get it!

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iPad gaming fever

Source: Apple
An Interpret study reports that 52% of tablet computer owners use their portable devices to play games. The study went on to say that gamers are more likely than average consumers to buy a tablet in the next three months.