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Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Vegas passion, history and heart

Big Mike Culotta leaves a legacy in Las Vegas Radio

"He was a good guy. I’ll pass on the “Stairway to Heaven” jokes."
-John L Smith, Review Journal columnist

"A Las Vegas radio stalwart with nearly three decades on the air -- 19 with KOMP and 10 with sister station KXPT-FM, 97.1 -- Mike Culotta died Thursday from respiratory failure caused by myocardial infarction. He was 48 and had been off the air at KXPT since late July. February would have marked his 30-year anniversary." -Las Vegas Review Journal.

In my almost 27 years in Las Vegas I have earned money as an actor, voice artist, advertising executive, marketing professional, coach, teach and radio broadcaster. I am still on the air as the local host for Sunday's on Nevada Public Radio 88.9 FM KNPR (all day). The people I have met, worked with or know range from church to SAG, theater to politics, advertising to broadcasting. Many move on, but some remain and remain in heart and mind as well.

I worked closely over the years with Lotus Broadcasting, counting Tony Bonnici the VP and GM as a good friend. I knew Mike, although only in the context of the stations, and not as well as those who worked with him at the station. When I read this obituary in the morning Review Journal it hit me hard, but in time I realized he lived the life he wanted to, in the professional he loved, sharing his life with his audience.

We also shared a love of dogs, which he talked about often on the air.

My heart goes out to the crew at Lotus Broadcasting, his friends and family.

The Review Journal has a tribute. Click here.

Symphony in SLANG 1951 dir by Tex Avery

Are Canadians Anti-American?

WikiLeaks hit Canuck broadcaster

Diplomatic docs say web was anti-American

Is Canuck pubcaster CBC a hotbed of anti-Americanism?

In another diplomatic controversy stirred up by recently released WikiLeaks documents, that appears to be the view of at least one official at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. The official sent a cable to his superiors in Washington in 2008 blasting the CBC for its negative portrayals of Americans.

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) has long gone to great pains to highlight the distinction between Americans and Canadians in its programming, generally at our expense," writes the official.

The document singles out the CBC drama "The Border," a since-cancelled series about a Canadian border security force that featured storylines about CIA flights over Canada, U.S. schemes to steal Canadian water, "the Guantanamo-Syria express" and F-16s flying in for bombing runs in Quebec to kill escaped terrorists.

The memo goes on to suggest CBC shows "twist current events to feed long-standing negative images of the U.S."

It even accuses mild-mannered CBC sitcom "Little Mosque on the Prairie" of anti-Americanism.
CBC spokesman Jeff Keay begged to differ, saying CBC shows do not attack Americans.

"Plotlines from 'The Border' were drawn from real life, but the U.S. was not singled out, as there were lots of villains to go around, including Canadian ones," says Keay. "There were also American 'good guys' represented. 'Little Mosque' has always been a gentle comedy which specifically makes fun of all kinds of stereotypes; Americans are not singled out. I would add that both programs have experienced strong sales in the United States."

The above is from It is presented for the use of my students.For more on this and other stories from Variety, click here.

Who Killed Who (1943) - High Quality