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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Communication Organizations

Visit the sites of these communication and journalism associations to get convention, membership, and publication information. Many associations also provide job listings for people interested in joining their fields.

Newspapers and Magazines
Writing & Reporting
Public Relations

Communication American Communication Association
Central States Communication Association
Eastern Communication Association
Federal Communications Commission
International Communication Association
International Listening Association
National Communication Association
Southern States Communication Association
Western States Communication Association

Radio/TV/Film Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
National Association of Television Program Executives
Radio-Television News Directors Association
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Broadcasting Broadcast Education Association
National Association of Broadcasters
Society of Broadcast Engineers

Newspapers and Magazines American Society of Newspaper Editors
Newspaper Association of America
Magazine Publishers of America
The Newspaper Association of America

Writing & Reporting Investigative Reporters and Editors
National Conference of Editorial Writers
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Society for Environmental Journalists
Writers' Guild of America

Photojournalism National Press Photographers Association
White House Photographers Association

Public Relations Public Relations Society of America
Public Relations Student Society of America

Advertising American Advertising Federation
American Association of Advertising Agencies
Advertising Educational Foundation
International Advertising Association
Direct Marketing Association
Outdoor Advertising Association of America
Radio Advertising Bureau 

Help Our Troops

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To pay or not to pay? To automate or to have live creative flexibility?

A discussion worth listening in voiced in on the RJ blog and ATC Las Vegas.

Do you agree with this statement? 

As an actor, or as theater audience is live music worth the expense? Do actors deserve to be paid or should it be for the fun of the art?

"  "So, although I feel that the Onyx was treated unfairly by the actor who quit, what we really see is a flawed system that can be corrected by the technology that is becoming common to all and in doing so remove a costly and inconsistent billing that damages the chances for theaters to succeed and remain alive season after season. In a large venue such as the Summerlin Library, the CSN Horn Theatre, and Super Summer Theatre at the Spring Mountain Ranch, I understand the needs. But in a 100-seat or less theater I cannot fathom the logic presented by those who clamor for 'live' music. I find it illogical and dishonest, designed to have one group profit at the cost of all others and the quality of the show itself.

  "If the musicians refuse to play without pay then replace them with electronic music that is consistent, controllable, and less expensive. The average audience will never know the difference. I know since I have tried both and audience members did not know the difference."

— Joe Hammond (link below, "printed" in RJ response column.)

THEATER CHAT: Walking away from production commitment unforgivable act  Click here for the first story that started the discussion...

Response in RJ click here.

Discussion on ATC Las Vegas click here (scan down to discussion).

What are your views? Please reply with your comment below....

Promise Of Jobs Lures Many To For-Profit Schools

Many for-profit colleges and universities sell their services based on a near-promise: Our degrees will get you a job. But there is no reliable way of measuring success rates when it comes to employment. That doesn't stop students from piling up huge debt in the hopes of getting a dream job. Click here for the audio story from NPR's All Things Considered.