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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Give Up!

Today's mighty oak 
is just yesterday's nut that held its ground!

Hulu takes on Netflix

SAGWATCH reports that Hulu is slashing its prices, but not as deep as may be needed.

Undercutting Netflix, Hulu has cut its subscription price from $9.99 per month to $7.99. Hulu had only been out with its $9.99 price for two weeks, and apparently it wasn’t moving the needle in the marketplace.
The New York Times has a report that says Hulu’s CEO wanted to cut the price in half, but some of its owners refused. Hulu is owned by NBC, ABC, Fox and a private investment firm.

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Dave Barry's "Blurry Groin"

Humor Writer Dave Barry about had an unpleasant airport experience under the new security system that examines passengers electronically. He was singled out for a pat-down after authorities told him he had a "blurry groin" — meaning the detector was unable to get a clear picture of his body. The issue personal security and modesty against the overarching war on terror is at the top of many chat boards and news stories. Click here to hear Dave Barry's interesting discussion with NPR News (transcript also posted).

Green Lantern Trailer HD 1080p

Dating myself, the Green Lantern was one of my favorite "comic books " (Graphic novels) back when I was collecting comics...a few are probably turning yellow in my mother's attic as I write this. So this, the first trailer (released today) for the movie caught my attention.

75 Years of DC Comics

A massive new $200 book follows the history of DC Comics, focusing on those that broke new ground. Click here for the story and featured images from the Hollywood Reporter (subscription recommended).

Watch Out! Here Comes the Spider Man!

PHOTOS: Inside Broadway's $60 Million Production of 'Spider-Man'