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Monday, November 15, 2010

Human Tragficing Rescue

To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:RE: Blog Article for week 11

Hey mr lynch I know we just had a speech done on human trafficking and I found this recent article about this issue in the Phillipines. 
-Janael Macaraeg 

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This ain't your grandfather's recession

Long Term unemployment is at levels not seen since the Great Depression. 

And education does not appear to be an edge. Nor experience. Nor age.

Unemployment nationally sits near one in ten Americans, but that only includes those collecting benefits. Many professionals who lost their jobs, in a wide range of fields, took part time or low level jobs that could not keep up with their bills, or are depending on the income of a spouse, again below the level of their bills and commitments, while looking for work. An estimated one in three Americans have lost jobs in the fields and are either without work or earning well below the needs of their families.

40% of the unemployed, over six million people have been unemployed for six months or more. They go way beyond the "deadbeats" that Sharon Angle pontificated about. Most have bachelors degrees. Almost half have masters or the equivalent in their field. These are highly qualified individuals, many of whom have never before been unemployed.

As written in this blogs' Sunday Morning News and Views:

"6.2 million Americans have been unemployed for six months or more. They are not "derelicts" or "deadbeats". Most of these long term unemployed have never been without work before. An estimated 5.6 million of these are skilled workers, many white collar, whose skills are not the sort hired by lower paying or temporary jobs. Added to their peril is the reality that in this fast moving technology driven world, every month you are off you may fall behind on programs, practices or other technological skills. Employers seldom look at anyone who is unemployed for more than a few months, and most employers who are seeking skilled workers prefer to recruit those who already have jobs.Paying for relocation and other perks in taking a new job are no longer being offered by employers, making it difficult for many unemployed to consider jobs they are qualified for because they cannot sell their homes or afford the move."

The longer a professional is out of work, whether a bio-chemist or an auto mechanic, a sales rep or a profession, the lower their chances of employment, as most fields are advancing at a rapid rate and knowledge is the currency of employment. Highly qualified individuals are seen as "out of it" or "over the hill" in a market that rewards youth, current education and "what have you done lately."

This is a recession unlike the traditional conservative "dead beats on welfare" the Tea Party paints.

This ain't your grandfathers recession!

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