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Friday, November 12, 2010

RJ Editorial Changing of the Guard

LV Journal Review November 12 at 6:35pm Report
After just one year of our website criticizing the Review Journal for terrible coverage and biased reporting we are thrilled that Publisher Sherman Frederick has been canned. Also, Tom Mitchell, who was the Editor, has been deemed too biased and moved to lead the Opinion page. We hope it's a sign that the readers have had enough of the right-wing agenda at the RJ.
In an apparent shake-up at the highest ranks of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the newspaper announced today that Publisher Sherman Frederick has left the post and will become a consultant and columnist.

The Decider Struts Again

Esquire has a brief story about the framework under which former President George W. Bush is undertaking his autobiography book tour, with an Esquire strong editorial slant. Click here for the on-line story. Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC as it appears on the Esquire site linked here.

Simpsons moves into 23rd season on FOX

"The Simpsons" will hit the 500-episode mark. A record 23rd season has been ordered by FOX.
That's the word from Fox, which gave the animated classic a firm 23rd season order on Thursday.
"The Simpsons" became the longest-running animated show in history more than a decade ago. Now it's gunning for the record of most episodes ever produced by a scripted series. Only "Gunsmoke" and "Lassie" have produced more.
"The Simpsons" will produce its 515th episode by the end of the season.
Editor note: I am more than a bit envious of a high school theater school mate, Dan Castenelletta, who has been the voice of Homer Simpson since the start. His career includes on camera on film and television, plus may other high profile voice performances. Click read more below or click here for a partial list of his credits:

In America high concept intelligent TV gets the ax

Cable was advertised as a brave new thousand channel world where every type of program and every interests could be met.

Um...guess that never came true.

AMC has cancelled, after only one season, the critically acclaimed  original series "Rubicon."

It premiered as the most watched show in the history of AMC as a "network", with two million viewers and building, respectable for the "lesser" cable networks. However the zombie series "Walking Dead" launched to more than 5 million viewers on Halloween, Oct. 31.

AMC is not in a position to support multiple high concept original programming. Their primary investment is in "Mad Men", with "Rubicon" envisioned to become the next "Mad Men" for the network. But finances, a recession and realities led to the decision to, for the first time in the young networks history, cancel an original series.

Sources: and the Wrap.

China angered by MI5 TV series, gets in way of British Trade

Tense drama series about the 
different challenges faced 
by the British Security Service 
as they work against the clock 
to safeguard the nation

MI5 is a series that airs a few seasons late on PBS in Las Vegas and one season behind on BBC America. It's hard edge, and habit of killing off major characters, reflects a British sensitivity that is definitely not the American way of soft selling issues. Now, and not for the first time, the series has interfered in international affairs by angering a powerful foreign government. The following is from

LONDON -- Chinese officials are so upset with the way a high-profile BBC drama depicts Chinese spies they have told local media firms to stop co-operating with the corp.'s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide.
The latest diplomatic spat involving the BBC and China -- the World Service's Chinese-language broadcasts have long been blocked by Beijing -- involves glamorous spy saga "Spooks," known as "MI5" in the U.S.

In the latest season of "Spooks," which finished its U.K. run Nov. 7, some of the storylines have featured Chinese spies using various fictional dirty tracks.

In one episode the Chinese spooks attempt to kidnap a scientist and threaten to detonate a bomb in London if anyone interfered, and stealing the blueprint of a genetic weapon.

To Western sensibilities, these capers sound like workaday plots designed to entertain audiences.
The Chinese, however, are understood to have been offended by these fictional portrayals in "Spooks," especially as the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was in China this week, attempting to drum up business for U.K. companies.

A BBC Worldwide spokesman said: "We have had no information from the Chinese government that this is the case and are requesting clarification."

But privately BBC executives have acknowledged that despite not being broadcast in China, "Spooks" has caused offence -- and that, not for the first time, BBC Worldwide risks baring the full brunt of Beijing's wrath.