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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Back

Reminder that Sunday, November 7th is the  Daylight Savings switch. 

So, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour.

More stimulus and higher taxes...and eat more junk food

Two very different philosophies on how to tackle unemployment are about to collide in Washington, D.C.
President Obama has his ideas, but they don't match those of the newly elected Republican majority. While Republican lawmakers argue that economic stimulus does not work and have pledged to cut spending, Obama says pumping more money into the economy is the solution.

Many top economists... say the first stimulus was not big enough, and there's got to be more spending if the U.S. wants to reduce unemployment. 
Just as raising taxes won't go over well with most Republicans, cutting spending for programs such as Social Security will upset the Democrats.
So it looks like Obama is going to have to come up with some fancy footwork over the next two years to please both sides.
For more on this complex juggling act that is bound to impact jobs, services, taxes and main street America, go to the following stories from NPR and the links on each story:

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