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Friday, November 5, 2010

SOS for American journalism

The news business is shrinking, as what we call news evolves into opinion, ratings, commentary, bias propaganda and even yellow journalism. This has led the Writers Guild of America to ask the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Congress to provide greater support for public broadcasting and non-ratings, non-advertising driven news coverage. Public broadcasting includes PBS (Public Broadcasting System - mostly television), NPR (National Public Radio), PRI (Public Radio International) and other non-profit independent news and information non-commercial networks.

The recession, the rapid drop in the stock market (impacting endowments), political moves to strip the National Endowment for the Arts and other funding sources, and the increased cost of operation have all taken their toll on the ability of public broadcasting to compete and provide a non-commercial alternative to broadcasting impacted by advertiser and ratings driven programming decisions.

Magazines and newspapers are going out of business, replaced by non-juried and often very biased citizen and special interest groups Internet blogging and distribution. The ability of journalists to earn a living, much less have the time and resources to dig deep and take the time it takes for fully investigative journalism is at risk. Coverage of key areas of the world, of our country and of local communities are now limited to sensationalism for ratings, the pooling of coverage or the complete elimination of any form of journalistic review.

Citizen and internet journalism has put the speed of reporting on equivalent of Red Bull, but is that journalism?

The journalism that keeps us free is in-depth, with professional standards, checks and balances, multiple viewpoints, and requires resources that are rapidly disappearing. Simply pointing fingers, reporting rapidly, beating everyone else at deadlines will not keep this country free or help us to chronicle (another role of journalism) events accurately and with reason.

Yet the population does not seem to care.

In fact they show little or no respect or knowledge of the role historic journalism plays in our democracy or our overall society.

Meanwhile schools such as the University of Southern California's Annaberg School of Communication, are adding Journalism to their title and mission, returning to the tradition of forty years ago, after decades of merging all communication under one umbrella. This move is to draw attention to the need to reinforce and grow a true non-bias or at least open and honest bias fourth estate.

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Academy Award Winner Jill Clayburgh falls to cancer

Jill Clayburgh, whose Broadway and Hollywood acting career stretched through the decades, highlighted by her Oscar-nominated portrayal of a divorcee exploring her sexuality in the 1978 film "An Unmarried Woman," died Friday. She was 66.

Her husband, Tony Award-winning playwright David Rabe, said she died after a 21-year battle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. She was surrounded by her family and brother when she died at her home in Lakeville, Conn., he said.Jill Clayburgh, whose Broadway and Hollywood acting career stretched through the decades, highlighted by her Oscar-nominated portrayal of a divorcee exploring her sexuality in the 1978 film "An Unmarried Woman," died Friday. She was 66.

Her husband, Tony Award-winning playwright David Rabe, said she died after a 21-year battle with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. She was surrounded by her family and brother when she died at her home in Lakeville, Conn., he said.
With Gene Wilder in "Silver Streak."
Jill Clayburgh's was born on April 30, 1944 in New York City.

In the late 1960s Jill Clayburgh had featured roles in a number of Broadway productions including THE ROTHSCHILDS and PIPPIN. Jill Clayburgh's first major film role was in PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT in 1972.

In 1978, Jill Clayburgh rose to screen prominence with her performance in AN UNMARRIED WOMAN for which she received an Oscar nomination. Jill Clayburgh was nominated again for the Academy Award in 1979 for her role in STARTING OVER.

Putting her career on hold to raise a family, Clayburgh was little-seen for several years, but has recently become more visible, in telefilms and such features as WHISPERS IN THE DARK (1992), RICH IN LOVE (1993), and NAKED IN NEW YORK (1994).
Jill Clayburgh in "Running with Scizzors"

Jill Clayburgh's other notable credits include...
IT'S MY TURN (1980)

What defines today's poltics?

How would you frame current politics?

37 percent of Americans identify themselves as conservative, yet only 27% are registered Republicans.

Only 24% identify themselves as liberal or progressive, yet 48% of registration is Democrat.

Moderates range from fiscal moderates to political moderates to conservative moderates.

Americans tend to be against who is in power, blaming Barack Obama for the ills of the economy despite his only being in office 9 months [now 18 since this was first posted] and the deficit, recession and high unemployment all happening under President George W Bush between 2000 and 2008.

Republicans are facing a tear in their own party base on single issue definitions of what it means to be a Republican, rather than general philosophy and beliefs.

The cold war is gone and over, ending what defined conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats for decades.

Services are being cut or are opposed politically because they cost money, yet instead of blaming those who cut the services or those who keep them being funded the blame goes to elected representatives who do not pull money out of thin air and provide the services based on money that is not there. Yet opposition to taxes, needed to finance the reforms and changes people demand, are almost universally opposed.

Are we living in Bizarroland? Some alternate universe where up is down and down is up?

And education, while valued, seems to be looked upon with suspicion and even hatred because educated individuals look at all sides, sometimes face the truth and often tend to be on the liberal side. Educators are also divided on the purpose and aims of education. Higher education has become increasingly expensive, and yet necessary. Teachers are not particularly respected as professionals, and expertise is often misunderstood or mishandled.

Adolph Hitler only trusted the Generals and aids who painted a rosy picture. He had those who presented the truth or realistic options executed.

So what defines today's politics?

Is is Democrats vs. Republicans?

Conservatives vs. Liberals?

Christians vs. non-Christians?

Have's vs. have nots?

Obama supporters against Obama detractors?

West vs. East? South and Mid West vs North East and Pacific coast?

Old vs. young?

What is the most important issue?

Is is the war in Afghanistan? The war on terror? Climate change? The environment? Health care reform? Abortion rights? Jobs? Real estate values? Education? Race? Class?

What is your take and why do you feel the way you do?

(first posted on year ago on 11/5/2009)

Children Needed For Kids Show

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION                                                  AUDITION ADDRESS
Mon 2pm NOVEMBER 8TH                                                     2790 E. FLAMINGO RD
                                                                                                     LAS VEGAS NV,89121

LAS VEGAS, NV  - In the grand tradition of the finest in children's television programming, The WOB TV show - based on the children's educational website ) the wob .comand its WOB World characters - will debut this fall on the Living Asia Channel (LAC), a cable/satellite TV channel with a subscriber base of more than 10 million households.  The weekly 30-minute animated program will feature all of the WOB characters as they enthrall their preschool audiences with innovative storylines that both teach and entertain.

About Wob World
WOB is actually an acronym for the World of Babies and it is in this world that children's imagination and love of learning are sparked.  The WOB is also a character designed to capture the attention of children while teaching basic language, math and life skills, and much more.  Designed especially for preschoolers and their parents by a team of educators and child psychologists, WOB World is a colorful, entertaining website created to engage young children and their parents in the education process.



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This is a posting from Craigslist, so do your homework and take appropriate precautions. Schools are hurting in this economy, and reaching out for students in unique ways. Always make sure you know the total costs, qualifications of the faculty, experience level of your fellow students and any strings attached to funding.

Late for Halloween but timely none the less

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are teaming up for a big screen remake of the 1960's soap opera "Dark Shadows".  Southern Cal public radio station KCRW reports that the film will be ready for Halloween 2012, and a spin off rebirth of the TV series is also in the works,

Toss the bums out who launch programs that are working?

U.S. Jobs Up 151,000; Unemployment 9.6 Percent 

The economy added a larger-than-expected 151,000 jobs in October but the unemployment rate remained at 9.6 percent.

TV Tech needed, $14.95 an hour

Boulder City is seeking a part time television tech for Boulder City TV at $14.95 and hour. Job is to program and maintain the community cable outlet, and to record and air city council and other city official meetings. The job replaces the full time Public Affairs position eliminated due to budget cuts.