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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hate and this election

I am tired of angry hotheaded people. (Wish I could the sanity rally)

Note from a friend.

Last night a drunk ranted about how after "patriots" take this election the revolution begins and the "a-holes" will be thrown in jail and punished.

On another day a truck with two drunken males in it followed a women for miles, high speed at times, shouting obscenities and trying to run her off the road. Her sin, Democratic stickers on her vehicle.

Soaping a truck with the "N" word for having an Obama sticker on it is tame by comparison but shows the same hatred and vile from a side that says it wants to restore what the Founding Fathers intended.

I seriously doubt they intended us to hate each other, or do harm, or threaten, imprison or even kill.

Where is this hatred coming from?


Both Democrats were as "white" as the "Tea Party".


Both were barely making a living and in one case unemployed.

Or the ignorance of the mob?

Let's hope the election tosses some cold water on these hotheads.

Join us at the Boulder City Hotel tonight

Laura and I will be at Lynn Goya's campaign watch event at the historic Boulder City Hotel after class tonight.

Join me there.



Economy 'going to take time to turn around'

Independent voter Ruben Ramos, 42, cast his vote Tuesday morning at Green Valley Baptist Church in Henderson. He said he voted for Harry Reid because of his track record in helping Nevada.

“He’s been helping, he’s just having a hard time right now,” Ramos said. “He’s been doing all right.”
Ramos, a construction worker who has been through three bouts of unemployment since the recession struck, said despite his personal hardships he felt confident in Nevada’s future.

“I think it’s probably just going to take time to turn around,” he said.

Sharon Danko, who also voted at Green Valley Baptist Church, said she voted for Sharron Angle “because we need a change.” But Danko, a Republican, said she voted for incumbent U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus, a Democrat.

What influenced her vote, she said, were “the things I’ve heard about what Joe Heck won’t vote for, medical and otherwise.”

More at Las Vegas here.

25 years of Weekend Edition

25 years ago Weekend Edition, the weekend version of NPR's morning edition, premiered. That was Saturdays. I am currently the local Nevada host for Weekend Edition Sunday on Nevada Public Radio (KNPR). - ARt

Count Me! VOTE!

Cuéntame ¡CUÉNTAME! - USE THIS IMAGE -- As you all know Cuéntame also means COUNT ME! - today is THE day - use this image today as your profile pic -- tag your friends and tell them to VOTE and let them know YOU voted. Just right click on the image, save on your computer and upload as your profile pic. Let's get this on every page. Comment here so we know you did it --- there will be awesome surprises for those -- promise.... ¡CUÉNTAME!

First Lady in Las Vegas, "Vote for Harry Reid"

On an election eve mission to save 
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, 
first lady Michelle Obama dashed 
into Las Vegas on Monday to ask 
Nevadans to send the senator 
back to Washington to give 
the president "the chance 
to finish what we started" 
two years ago when 
President Barrack Obama 
won the White House.

Tracking the Negative Campaign Dollars, will they buy elections?

Beginning Wednesday, Americans can again turn their televisions on without fear of a negative political bombardment. A record sum of campaign cash was behind those commercials. Just how much money has been spent and by what candidates, parties and groups? Totals are very hard to pin down.

National Public Radio's Morning Edition continues following the trail of record amounts of advertising (all for Republicans) spent on "hate ads" by undisclosed or mislabeled parties, under new relaxed rules made possible by the US Supreme Court tossing out 110 years of campaign reform with one decision.

Click here for this morning's story in the series.