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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CSN Veterans Education Center Dedication

Attend the opening of CSN's Veterans Education Center the day before Nevada Day and help celebrate the state's men and women in uniform.

10/28/2010 12:30:00 PM-
Located: CSN Charleston Campus, in the courtyard in front of the D building

Contact: R.S.V.P.

Happy 40th Birthday B.D.

Doonesbury is 40 year sold, and the characters have "lived" real lives since the stip began only with football player B.D. in a college daily newspaper strip. Click here for one of many stories in Atlantic magazine honoring the strip.

First posted 9/16/2010

D for the future

Republican leadership has stated that their number one job is to make sure Barrack Obama is a one term president. They have orchestrated a "just say no" vote platform, while adding material to bills in amendments that they can later blame on the Democrats.

Efforts to reach across the isle have resulted in disaster, due to the obstructionism of the top down Republican party.

National generic slogans appear in ads for Republicans coast to coast no matter who they are running against, generalizing all Democrats under a single colored coat, resembling a Republican overcoat more than the broad tent top up roots of the Democratic Party. Anyone who believes you can paint all Democrats as the same does not follow politics or understand the Democratic Party.

Heavy advertising by groups with good sounding names but no disclosure as to who they actually are or who is financing them, has come down heavy for Republicans, by a 7 to one to as high as ten to one ratio over Democratic candidates.

Images used out of context and efforts in person, on television and in other ways to keep minority groups from voting reflect Republican special interests and ethics.

If you want to drive forward, put your care in "D".

If you want to go backward to the financial meltdown and the policies that led to it, put your care in "R".

Vote Democrat.

Then join hands and breath easier because all the ugly campaign ads will be over, at least for a while, starting next Wednesday.

The Day The Music Died

Is the NAB asking radio to commit suicide?

A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon, and the slight wind generated by its wings ultimately influences weather patterns that grow into a tornado in Texas. It's called the "Butterfly Effect," a term coined by Ray Bradbury in a 1952 short story. It's also part of chaos theory: One small action results in a chain of events that results in large-scale consequences.

No Broadcaster Voice
When Eddie Fritts left leadership of the NAB, I cautioned our industry with these words: "There is an inherent danger to our industry if we appoint an NAB president who does not come from within our industry. A professional lobbyist will do, on behalf of the NAB, what is in his or her best political interest, and, because he or she does not have a history with the industry or a passion for its preservation, will sell it down the river at the hands of a weak board of directors made up of representatives from large, influential radio companies, whose only interest in radio is financially driven."

To read more of this commentary by the publisher of Radio Ink, select "read more" below.


Early voting ends Friday.
Election Day is Tuesday
November 2nd

Among locations are 
BC City Hall and 
Kohl's Court at the
The Galleria Mall

This year every vote counts.

Why 'Glee' Season 2 is Dangerously Erratic

 Now that we’ve settled into season 2 of "Glee," with the shock of a naughty, edgy musical juggernaut no longer knocking us off-balance, a new perspective emerges:

This show is all over the place.

A dizzying array of themes, tones and guests have rendered the show dangerously erratic – in fact, it's been that way dating back to the much-beloved Madonna episode, which felt at the time like a departure.

Now it just seems like a monster, created.

From Hollywood daily on-line web-news source The Wrap. Click here for more.

LA's PBS Flagship KCET receives $1 mil for indie transition

KCET Los Angeles has received a $1 million grant from the Ahmanson Foundation to help with its transition from PBS affiliate to independent public teleision station.

KCET earlier this month in announcing its intent to pull drop at year's end after 40 years as a flagship West Coast outlet. KCET can survive on its own without marquee but expensive PBS pogramming such as "Sesame Street," "Masterpiece Theater," "Frontline" and "Antiques Roadshow."

The issue was station fees back to the network with the network counting money specific to grants for Southern California programming as "supporter revenue", a fixed portion of which the network claims to support it programming. In the nation's second largest broadcast market, KCEP recieves large grants specific to single broadcast or off-air educational efforts. Public Broadcasting considered these to be par tof the station gross revenue and therefore part of the monies considered in station leases for PBS programing.

Ahmanson has long been one of KCET's most generous supporters and a key underwriter of its homegrown productions including news program "SoCal Connected."

Efforts to reconcile are still underway however Variety reports that  KCET prexy Al Jerome said the Ahmanson coin would help the station in its goal of becoming "a model for independent public media in the 21st century."

Rocky and Bullwinkle Opening Theme and

Bullwinkle and Crusader Rabbit creator RIP

Alexander Anderson Jr. was battling Alzheimer's disease.

Cartoon artist Alexander Anderson, who created Rocky the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose, has died at age 90.

Anderson had long battled Alzheimer's disease. He died at a nursing home near Pebble Beach, Calif.

Anderson also created the low budget Crusader Rabbit, Rags the Tiger and Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties with a fraternity brother from the University of California, Jay Ward.

Crusader Rabbit was the first animated TV series in the 1950s.

Rocky and His Friends premiered on ABC in 1959.

Source:Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, LA Times

Spanish Language TV may soon be #1 in Country

The Hollywood Reporter reports that NBC-Universal owned Univision is on track to become the top number one television network in the country, in part due to an increase in Hispanics and in part due to product segmentation within the English speaking programming spectrum. Sports and dramas drive Univision's ratings.

Doonesbury turns 40 today

Oct. 26, 1970: In the first published Doonesbury cartoon, B.D., a preppy athletic type, meets his new college roommate, nerdy Mike Doonesbury. Garry Trudeau was still an undergrad at Yale when his cartoons were first syndicated.

Forty years ago this morning, nerdy freshman Mike Doonesbury met his roommate at Walden College, and since that day, the funny pages haven't been the same.

Doonesbury Decades

Joanie Caucus and Rick Redfern spend the night together.
Remember when Joanie Caucus spent the night with Rick Redfern? Relive This, And Other Memorable 'Doonesbury' Moments
Created in the throes of '60s and '70s counterculture, Garry Trudeau'sDoonesbury comic strip blurred the lines between comics and the editorial pages, and produced some of the most memorable cartoon characters ever sketched.
Trudeau started drawing Doonesbury in 1970 as a Yale undergrad. "It was basically a sports strip," he tells NPR's Renee Montagne. But he soon had to scramble to find a way to sustain the strip's humor on a grander scale.
"Comic strips are like a public utility," Trudeau says. "They're supposed to be there 365 days a year, and you're supposed to be able to hit the mark day after day. And I had no idea whether I could do that."
A coffee table book retrospective of 40 years of Doonesbury is out today through bookstores and on-line stores,

Poll Watchers or Ways to Hold down the Hispanic and African American Vote?

The attack against Hispanic and minority voters continues...

Massive poll watching groups, all conservative, are set up to remind voters that voting can lead you in jail (if you vote illegally). The fear is that the anti-voter fraud off campus (away from the doors of the polls) will scare off Hispanics and other groups who are less likely to vote, even in ideal situations. The poll watchers are in heavily Hispanic and African American neighborhoods. There are reports or unofficial "poll watchers" are getting illegally close to voters, being aggressive instead of passive and other potential violation of actual election  related laws. Many of these groups are financed by the same "blind box" organizations that are running millions of dollars in ads without any reporting of who is actually behind the ads.

May of the groups behind these unregistered and untrained "poll watchers" are adhoc groups, unfamiliar with the actual laws. Most of the areas where they are surfacing have no history of voter fraud.

There are legal poll watchers for each party, plus county or state organizations at most US polls.